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Door to Karmic Healing Ancestors

Ancestral Karmic Healing Moon

What is Ancestral Karmic Healing and why do I need it? This is a brief attempt to share with you my interpretation of ancestral karma and how it shows up for us, at the very least, how it has shown up for me. Some of us come into this world with patterns that we may be acutely aware of. We may experience patterns and moments of overwhelm, depression, hopelessness, low self esteem, doubting or judging ourselves, fear or unworthiness, or others that...

Communion with the Mother

In the beginning of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, the completion to our first week long, Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing & Embodiment retreat was upon us...

Conscious Feminine in Pisces New Moon

Ready to Change your Mind? New Moon in Gemini 2018

During this Dark MOON of Gemini, the vibrational frequencies of the moon are offering an opportunity for us to reevaluate how we use our minds and the meanings we give to the events in our life.  Gemini activates the left brain, giving our experiences the thoughts and meanings from our perceptual conditioned mind. Through the Gemini archetype we use our minds to gather knowledge of our world and of the outer environment, in order to create safety, and feel at home.   Outer knowledge is the foundation...

Suffering as A True Evolutionary Force

    I have always wanted to end suffering in the world, this has been the motivating thought behind most of the things I have done in my life.  But I realize it isn’t about ending the suffering… it’s about evolving the suffering… or better yet letting the suffering evolve us!   You could say that my relationship with ‘suffering’  has deepened in the last thirty years, as I have committed myself to personal transformation as well as having this focus of transformation in my practice with hundreds...