Accessing the Potential within the Chaos - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Accessing the Potential within the Chaos

Accessing the Potential within the Chaos

How do we access the potential that is promised in this moment… in the whirlwind of chaos? 

New Moon in Cancer, Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse & Venus rising… WOW ! What a powerful time it is… so many shifts and changes happening… are you feeling it… are you ready?

As women and healers at the forefront of Feminine consciousness, we are being asked to seed the new world… while still deeply steeped in chaos and deconstruction. However, we have been tested for the last 5000 years… and it’s clear we have been created for this moment. 

Poised at the edge of Great Awakening, we now have this amazing influx of cosmic energy coming in and supporting us, anything is possible! Can we feel that opening of possibility… can we feel the tides changing underneath the chaos ? Can we feel the opening to something new that we can not quite put our finger on… describe… nor articulate…. but yet we know is there, just around the proverbial corner?

So what does this moment of new moon in Cancer… at the Solar eclipse, while Venus begins her new 19 month journey, at the time of the Summer Solstice, asking of us… giving us… representing in us?

I am not an astrologer, but it doesn’t take one to tell you that it feels big and it feels spectacular. It feels to me that this auspicious time offers us a quantum leap in consciousness, a point of no return. And the intensity is real, along with all the unconscious trauma and pain that is now arising… within humanity, as a whole. 

If we turn to the qualities represented in the astrological sign of Cancer, we find the Mother… the all compassionate Mother archetype with Her womb of unconditional love and the inherent Feminine universal truths of the Great Mother. 

This is the time of Great Mother consciousness… making her appearance known to us all, while She immerses us into the frequencies of unconditional LOVE, divine LOVE and the all-embracing compassion that is birthed in everyone equally and continuously. 

If we are going to heal the world… we have to remember that the compassion is seeded within us, it is inherent within us and now at this juncture in time… we have to activate it, believe in it, and stand in it. We have to commit to it! In this time of the Mother can we hold ourselves… our suffering and pain… along with others’ arising pain… in compassion? 

Can we expand our hearts enough to hold the abuses of the past… along with our pain of the present? Can we stand in the compassion, as the ultimate truth… in order to move past the repeating cycles of suffering and destruction… and open the gates of the new consciousness?

And so with this new moon and eclipse, the Cosmic Womb Mother of Compassion is imprinting Her appearance into our consciousness, making Herself known to us. Can we return to the lost knowledge of our Mother God… and reawaken to Her reality? Can you move past the noise and the decaying structures and be committed to the ultimate truth of compassion… love and mercy?

Remember the change comes through us, not in spite of us. We are co-creators of this world of form… and when we activate the Compassion within us… we are then free to anchor that frequency on the planet. 

Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

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