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Global Initiation of the Feminine… Coronavirus Crisis.

Global Initiation of the Feminine… Coronavirus Crisis.

Retreat, stop business as usual, and  spend time with yourself, by yourself! This is it… we are in the great global initiation of the Feminine, as we face this Coronavirus crisis and it fallout. These are the times we have been waiting for.   We are in it now, we are being initiated into a greater consciousness… the gateway is fear, fear of losing our lives, fear of death. 

And yet it is death that is happening, death of a consciousness, and the rising of another consciousness that is reflective of the Essence of who we are. The rise of Feminine consciousness.  While we are all secluding from our outer world, something greater has the ability to arise within us.  This is the doorway we have all been waiting for… leading us through fear; fear is a great teacher after all!

We have predicted the shift of consciousness happening in the world for a while now, and many of us in the front lines have been feeling the rise of the Feminine in many ways. However while I knew that 2020 was destined to be a powerful year through the messages in our astrology, I had also wondered how the world was going to end up all on the same page, in order to realize a shift of global proportions.  Clearly, global warming hadn’t done it, and neither has any other crisis to date… but surprisingly, this crisis of the Coronavirus has stopped us all in our tracks and made us come together in record breaking time. 

Nonetheless, we are here, poised at the door of fear, intently listening. Yes, we are now listening!  Now, that we have been forced to retreat, to stop and to take a deep breath, perhaps we can use this opportunity to reevaluate and reflect on deeper existential matters.  We know that this fear makes us confront our vulnerability as humans, and furthermore, we can perhaps now take some time to reflect on what it is that we hold on to, when our very life is threatened? 

The truth is that our lives are threatened everyday, but we are too busy to feel anything…too busy making money and trying to progress, to notice that our very actions are destroying our ability to progress at all. The truth is that thousands of people are dying everyday, needlessly and the existential threat of global warming, is not very comforting at all.  But when we stay busy and distracted, we continue thinking we can somehow win, and outwit the very destruction of our planet.  Seems like we have all been in a deep trance of denial.  

However, for whatever reason, this Coronavirus, is the THING that has made us stop… and made us pay attention.  At least it has made us feel fear, which in turn makes us stop long enough to reassess what we are doing. 

Our very existence in question… maybe through this virus, maybe through many other things that are still operating unconsciously within us,  it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that we have stopped…and it has caught our attention, for this we can be grateful to the CORONAVIRUS.  This is an opportunity to slow down deep enough to realize that while we are out pushing and doing… looking outside ourselves for fulfillment,  we are missing the very thing that gives us fulfillment… our inner Essence.

Stopping lets us rest.  There is no night without day, no light without dark, no up without down, yet we live in a society that does not know how to stop, how to slow down, how to regenerate. We sleep only because our bodies force us to, barely allowing our bodies enough time to regenerate and recalibrate.  

This fear is acting as the doorway to a new level of consciousness, forcing us to shift into something more, something different. I find it metaphorically poignant that we are faced with a ‘virus’ that cannot be resolved with a pill… or an easy treatment on the outer.  No…instead…we have to evaluate what we are doing… we have to stop long enough to take inventory of our actions and employ perhaps a greater level of responsibility for our actions, realizing that what we do, say and think causes great consequences not just to those around us, and our world, but also to our own bodies. 

On one level we are vulnerable and have no control, and on another level we have to realize that the state of health is determined from our thoughts, our unresolved emotions, and basically what we ‘feed’ ourselves  on all levels… so on this level we do have a great level of responsibility.  

This is why this is such a great initiation of the Feminine, right now, because we are faced with taking responsibility for ourselves and  others. We are forced to slow down and reflect, and perhaps even explore our some new creativity,  that might arise if we give ourselves a chance. We are being asked to consider how our actions affect others around us, and thus change our behavior.  If we are fortunate enough…we might even consider the our responsibility with the death of the planet… and begin to drastically change our behavior concerning that outcome. 

Let me clarify the Feminine here.  She is another expression for the yin principles of connection, community, compassion, good of the whole, slowing down turning inward to name a few.  Also, intuition, soul Essence, mystery of life and so on.   These are some of the qualities that we have lost in our driven yang society.  We have forgotten that we are nurtured and receive our strength from within… from being connected to greater consciousness of our soul, or our Essence within, rather than the fleeting moments of accomplishments outside.  We have forgotten that everything is birthed from consciousness, Herself, and nothing exists without it.  We have turned to the outer world for our needs, believing that the more we do… the more happy we will be… but yet never quite getting there. And in this pursuit of happiness, we have sacrificed everything for it… including our world, and our own wellbeing. 

Make no mistake, this is the time of the Feminine… this is the time to STOP… and turn inward and reevaluate what we truly need, begin to reestablish and reclaim our inner wisdom, inner healing and inner dimension of Essence.

This is the time to take greater responsibility for ourselves and our planet. Self Care… not just on the physical level… but also on the soul level, where it truly matters. This is our shift from outward sourcing to inner sourcing, where we can connect with our true Essence. In reality this is what matters most now, and this is all that can fulfill you, that can empower you. 

We have come to the end of the road… and our outside world is reflecting its inability to help us. It is now warning us that there is a threat here and we cannot continue the path we have been on… we have to stop and reset, for something new to be birthed. This is the reset… this is the Global initiation that many of us have been waiting for… this is the end times… and end of a consciousness and a birth of something greater. 

So how do we shift… how do we move from fear and terror to trust and strength? How do we survive…. or make use of this initiation?

Its easy once you recognize that you have an internal guiding system that is speaking to you at every turn.  And your greatest weapon right now is to LISTEN… listen deeply from within…and cultivate this deeper relationship with yourself, thus activating your inner Essence, Source, Divine, Oneness. The time of the Feminine is all about a new era of Sovereignty… where we learn to follow our deepest level of Consciousness…  the greatest power of all… our divine consciousness… our true sacred nature. 

Accessing your Essence, that is the secret… and that is the Feminine within you.   That is what heals… by triggering your body’s ability to create harmony.  That is what fulfills you, by accessing deep peace, safety, love and ecstatic bliss.  That is what sources compassion, what connects us with one another, what makes us realize the power that we truly have and thus responsibility.  This is the source of caring for one another, and allows us to honor the sacredness of all of life, including our Mother Earth. That is the consciousness that we are now reclaiming… and the only thing that can save our lives.  

So take this time to reflect deeply… slow down and turn within, following the fear, feeling it and surrendering to the great consciousness of Source, Great Mother, as I call her, which is your ground of being. There, you will find a renewed sense of strength, along with peace, love and safety. There you will be held in her arms… as She breaths you into a greater level of trust. There, you will realize that She has never left you… that it is you, that have separated from Her, in your own mind.  And there She is always awaiting your return. 

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