Coronavirus: Inner Medicine of transforming Fear & Grief - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Coronavirus: Inner Medicine of transforming Fear & Grief

Coronavirus: Inner Medicine of transforming Fear & Grief

Understandably, we are all under the new threat of the coronavirus. This new threat is affecting us, ultimately shifting the structures around us and challenging us on many levels.

Panic & Despair

While it is important not to get caught in the panic and despair… it is however important to deal with the fear and vulnerabilities that are being triggered for us, in the face of this crisis. If not, then we continue to be ruled by our emotions and they continue to weaken our own immune system.

The truth is that we are all vulnerable, and this crisis puts us directly in touch with our own vulnerability. Therefore, addressing this by just outer gestures, will not free us from the inner desperation of our hearts. This virus pandemic forces us to look at several things; our relationship with our bodies… our health and our self care practices and our ability to feel safe, to rely on something bigger than ourselves and trust.

Grief, loss, fear, death

Furthermore, this virus is directly related to our immune systems, and more poignantly to our lungs, therefore it occurs to me that it might be asking us to reflect on our own relationship with the lung’s emotion of grief… and loss. And the timing of this crisis does not escape me, the fact that it has arrived on our global stage at the peak of our global climate crises and destruction of Mother Earth, along with the accumulation of death on the planet through war, famines, disease, homelessness and starvation. Yes, I would say there is a lot of grief collectively… that many of us are feeling but not expressing, much unresolved grief underneath all the fear and hysteria.

Compassion as the Medicine

The common denominator in all this loss and destruction of our Earth and of our people is really compassion. The lack of compassion leads us to feel separate from one another and from the very Earth that sustains us, to the point of destruction. This compassion, oneness, and connection to one another comes from an open heart, and this is the medicine that we desperately need to change ourselves and thus our world. Leading with compassion and love… these are the qualities of the Feminine that have been missing and this is the principle of Conscious Feminine medicine. This is the compassion that needs to be the ground from which we make decisions in our lives, from which governments make decisions for all of us and from which nations need to make decisions for all those involved, if we are to survive this crisis and the greater crisis of climate change.

So, of course, lets prepare on the outer… let’s build up our immune system, by taking our vitamin c, d, mushroom formulas, zinc, etc… but most importantly let us also address the consciousness within from which it is all arising, so that we can truly transform ourselves and the world. Let us look at what this crisis is bringing up within ourselves… the fear, the vulnerability, the grief, the losses and find a way to anchor the underlying dimension of true Essence… where we can anchor in our inner resource of love, compassion, safety and community.

Light and Love,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Join the Conscious Feminine tribe here.  Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Nourishing Women,  Conscious Feminine Medicine and School of Conscious Feminine Medicine. She is a Transformational Integrative Body/Mind doctor, Acupuncture physician, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author.  She has spent most of her life focused on healing Body/Mind and Soul… through the evolution and awakening of the Feminine in women  and on the planet. She offers online programs, mentorships and personal immersion & soul retrieval sessions, along with individual healing/ acupuncture work to find help you embody your true medicine.   

P.S. If you are looking for support with this process, during this time of transformation… consider a Soma Presence session, in person or via online.  Book a meet free online, Dr. M session here, and see if you are a good candidate.

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