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Great MOTHER Temple

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Reclaiming the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts of…


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Lunar – DARK MOON Ceremonies

Seasonal Holy Days Ceremonies 

 Feminine Wisdom Teachings

Feminine Soul Activation 

Embodied Practices 

Womb Mysteries 



Conscious Feminine Medicine

Conscious Feminine Medicine 

~changing the Collective Story of the Feminine

( a non-profit organization, 501C3)

~dismantling the internalized repression of the Feminine…in women! 
~supporting women to heal their ancestral feminine lineage &
become HEALERS! 


I am so glad you have found us



CFM SYSTEM is a collective of wisdom teachings & embodied practices reclaiming, restoring and

rebirthing the Feminine Essence that has been lost…

I believe we are the ones responsible to anchor the light on our planet…

which begins with our own personal transformative process.

Because you are here…there must be some part of you that is aware of these truths within…

and feel a calling in these times of Great Awakening on our planet. 

The calling is real… She is awakening... and She awakens through us. 

I invite you to join me on this collective and personal revolution…

to awaken to the eternal truths that live within you.

This is a journey of sovereignty…

You are the Guru…

And you access Her viscerally.

We can journey together… through individual community gatherings…

ONLINE women’s retreats… courses… programs…

one on one healing sessions/ mentoring and with our school for healers and feminine mystics. 

We have a lot but you can start with our exclusive women members only…


Great MOTHER Temple – Online Free 

~Love & Light
Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, Founder of CFM
Holistic Doctor, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Author, Artist
Sound Weaver, Medicine Woman
Conscious Feminine Medicine System

The Conscious Feminine Medicine is comprised of 4 foundations…

Incorporating these aspects of the Feminine…

Feminine Path Circle

*Women reclaiming your Wisdom* 

Featuring the 7 Embodiments of the Feminine


You are the WISDOM – Dark Mother

You are the MANIFESTOR – Creatrix Feminine

You are the HEALER – Medicine Woman

You are the LOVE – Cosmic Womb Mother

You are the TRUTH – Wild Woman

You are the SEER – Feminine Wisdom Keepers

You are the BLISS – Ecstatic Feminine 

Visit our Great Mother GODDESS online Temple 

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Conscious Feminine Medicine ~ Mission & Vision


A world that is fully awakened to the Feminine. 



Awakening women to their inherent Sacredness & Sovereignty through reclamation of the ancient Feminine wisdom, healing arts medicine.  By weaving together powerful ancient wisdom healing traditions, embodied practices, quantum integrative science along with the resurrection of the Feminine principle, these offerings provide tools for women to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and support women in accessing their intrinsic value. 

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You Are the Medicine

Are you ready for the Conscious Feminine Revolution? 


There is a great evolutionary awakening transformation happening on the planet…  the Feminine is returning and bringing a shift of consciousness, helping us realize our divinity.  We, as women, have an opportunity to heal our personal and collective ancestral wounds and play an integral leadership role in healing and awakening consciousness on the planet.   Are you ready to step into your  Conscious Feminine ? 


What is the Conscious Feminine?  

The Conscious Feminine is about making ourselves conscious and awaken to the secrets of the Feminine that live within us… empower us… and contain the Essence of Love… Joy… Bliss…  Creative Manifestation… Transformation… Wisdom… and all the other magic within us.  It is about bringing the Feminine qualities, such as bonding, compassion, emotional intelligence, embodiment and more to our conscious awareness and dissolving the internalized conditioning of unworthiness, powerlessness and abandonment that we, as women, have been living with, for thousands of years.


The Conscious Feminine Revolution  is the revolution that is happening now on our planet… the changes of this great shift in consciousness where we are being forced to change our ways… to reestablish our connection to Source and honor the sacredness of all… ourselves… and our planet. This is HER revolution… the Conscious Feminine Revolution! 

Conscious Feminine Medicine explores the interrelationships that underline and contribute to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the three tenets of Conscious Awareness~Spiritual Alchemy~ and Feminine Embodiment. By unveiling and transforming the limiting patterns of the collective story of the Feminine that we have experience for 5000+ years, we are able to free ourselves from thousand year old, destructive patterns of disharmony and heal our body, mind and spirit into full realization of our Being.

School of Conscious Feminine Medicine

School of Conscious Feminine Medicine is a mystical school for women offering healership programs, workshops and online monthly programs.  It is for women that want to dive deeper into reclaiming of their Feminine and Masculine power and bring forth the hidden teachings of the Feminine. Through transformational alchemy, embodiment practices and healing teachings, we enter into the Sacred Initiations of the Feminine and give birth to a whole new level of our Being.  Women, Healers, Practitioners and all those women that want to take your spiritual, mystical journey deeper and discover the full embodiment of the feminine, here now in your sacred body temple, can find out more here.

Amount of Love you Deserve !

Amount of Love that you Are !

Amount of Light you are here to share with others!