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Conscious Feminine School Of Wisdom Medicine 




Consphoto-on-10-25-16-at-12-28-pm-3cious Feminine School of WISDOM MEDICINE presents:

05.07.17- ALL WOMEN are HEALERS:

3 KEYS to actualizing Your Healing GIFTS

Did you know that originally women were the healers in communities; they were the midwives, the medicine women, the ones that recieved divinatory messages to insure the safety of their tribe, and the ones that everyone counted on for wisdom. Women are the bridge between divine consciousness and the manifested world, birthing love into every being and generation. As so, women are still the healers… but many of us… have forgotten what that means… and have lost touch with our Sacred Essence, even though we may feel the deep soul imprint of Healership in our hearts. So, if you are one of those women that knows She is a Healer, and has struggled with actualizing your healing gifts, join us for this miniworkshop, in which Dr. Murciano will walk you through the 3 keys to uncover and actualize your Healing gifts, which are written in your soul’s destiny. Your healing gifts are unique and thats why we need you… the world needs YOU, not just someone like you! Join us in person- Pembroke Pines, FL.


Dark Moon

Dark MOON Healing Evenings under the STARS! Summer Solstice 6.23.17

I invite you to our monthly Dark MOON, in a beautiful roof top healing space UNDER THE STARS, where we, women can gather and receive the Lunar Activation of the month…as SHE gently coaxes us deep into the MATRIX of our WOMB… where we experience the divine light of unity from which all life is created.

Each month the DARK MOON (right before the NEW MOON) urges us to die… and let go of all of our worldy imprints that have kept us separate from our SACRED NATURE within… it offers us a transformational alchemy of our spirit & soul… while creating space for something new to be born.  We will discuss each participants personal astrological moon placement… anointing and Acupuncture Lunar Activation.  Join us on  Dark MOON Healing Evening with Dr. Murciano-Luna.