CFM Events - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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CFM Events

Please visit our EVENTBRITE page to keep up and register for our LIVE in person offerings and our ONLINE offerings… for each month. 


Every month we offer in person Feminine Soul Journeys- with sound healing, embodiment movement and Acupuncture. We also offer an array of online programs, free and paid every month.  Please visit our Eventbrite page, Conscious Feminine Medicine with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, author of  Birth of the Conscious Feminine: new era of  Feminine Sovereignty and Evolution of our Feminine Soul. 





FEMININE Embodied Presence Community – Join Dr. Murciano-Luna live monthly. 

Only $44.00 – Beginning March 2022.

Join Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna LIVE monthly, two  Saturdays of the Month, with soul healing immersions, Feminine Wisdom teachings, embodied practices, & Q/A, in order to heal personal and collective Feminine trauma, for women. The circle membership also includes Library of LIVE sessions, so you can use at any time.  LIVE Healing meditations composed of embodied breath, voice activation, sound healing, stillness-movement & mantras.   Come join our Conscious Feminine community and learn how to live in the Light of your FEMININE SOUL. continue to empower yourself and heal your heart, as a woman. All sessions are based on the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine, and the book Birth of the Conscious Feminine: new era of  Feminine Sovereignty by Dr.Leonor Murciano-Luna.




Dark MOON Lunar Medicine LIVE ONLINE- FREE Monthly.

I invite you to our monthly Dark MOON FREE monthly Ritual once a month.  We gather during this significant dissolving time of the Moon… leading right into the manifestation time of the New Moon.  This time of the month is a magical window of radical transformation… healing and manifestation.  It is a time to gently transform our old patterns of survival and fear, and invite the rebirth of the new. Each month, we dive into this inner transformation, working with the lunar frequencies that are coming in, through breath, voice, mantras, drumming, soul transformational processes and healing.  We will also be exploring the themes of the placement of the New MOON and how to tune in and receive Her transmission for manifestation! 

March 30, April 29, May 29, June 27, July 27, Aug 26, Sept 23, Oct 24, Nov 21, Dec 22, 2022


Feminine Path APP –  Free 13 Pillars & Embodied Practice  

13- Week Feminine Soul Transformation Challenge

5 Sacred Initiations of the Feminine

Moon Medicine

7 archetypal embodiments of your Feminine Soul

5 Universal Mothers

13 Pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine and more. 


Available now… 2022