Feminine Embodied Presence Community - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Feminine Embodied Presence Community

Feminine Embodied Presence Community 



Our global community where women can meet the needs of their emotional, intuitive and instinctual Self… with the presence that underlies all of life, the Feminine Presence, Herself.

We will dive into the Essence of our being, through embodied practices  of breath, voice, drum, sound meditation and awareness as we organically engage in healing, transformation and reclamation.

Our principles are based on the pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine, which is a new paradigm of experience, where our sense of value as women is redefined… where our emotional, intuitive and instinctual self are reclaimed and where we learn how to be anchored in the safety of our divine dimension, as we reach out to express our greatest truth and purpose in this life.

Conscious Feminine Medicine has been influenced by the intersection of depth psychology, spirituality of Oneness, direct experience of mystical traditions, astrology and cosmology, esoteric and metaphysical teachings, as well as the lost teachings of the Feminine Great Mother.

Our purpose is to free ourselves from the mental constructs we have inherited and internalized, and allow ourselves to evolve to our greatest potential as true human beings.

Who is this for:

This is for all women that are interested in finding a safe community to be seen, to be acknowledge and to explore, heal and express our true voice… our true Essence.  Whether you are a care taker, massage therapist, acupuncturist, psychologist or therapist, health coach, astrologist, artist, author or in any walk of life… as long as you have a yearning to discover your TRUE Self, and explore how to express that in the physical world, this group is for you.  This is a journey of Feminine Sovereignty… how to free yourself from the past, what you have inherited that doesn’t serve you… and come into greater Union with our Feminine Soul. 

We will come together in like minded community to heal, share, be seen, witnessed and acknowledged as the truly powerful Light being that you are, with all your Feminine Gifts.

We will meet twice a month, Saturday mornings… 10:00am est for 90 minutes, first and third saturday of the month. In each session we will have a chance to experience the depth of your soul,  while we share and expand ourselves through a sisterhood of community.  The journey includes: sound medicine,  Feminine Teachings…  embodied practices… Feminine Path Activations… Cosmic and Planetary Light Code Transmissions, empowerment processes, chanting, voice activations and drumming. 


Feminine Embodied Presence includes:

  • Live (2) Feminine Soul Healing Transmissions monthly, on Saturday mornings 10:00am eastern USA, 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. (recording will be available). 
  • Sound Meditation including Crystal singing bowls, Frame drum, chanting and VOICE ACTIVATION, members are encouraged to bring their own drums. 
  • Feminine Wisdom teachings  based on Conscious Feminine Medicine and the cycles of the Great Mother… with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna. (teachings based on the book “Birth of the Conscious Feminine- a new era of Feminine Sovereignty.” and the  “Evolution of the Feminine Soul- 30 day lunar journal” by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna. 
  • The FEMININE PATH app – as a member of our FEP community you will have access to the CFM DAILY CORE embodied practices modules and the Feminine Sovereignty 13 Pillars of CFM modules, on the Feminine Path App. 
  • Monthly Dark MOON Lunar Medicine Circle via ZOOM LIVE… every month. Dates vary each month, according to the moon cycle. 
    • March 30- Wednesday 8:00pm est
    • April 29th – Friday 8:00pm est
    • May 29th – Sunday 8:00pm est
    • June 27th – Monday 8:00pm est
    • July 27th – Wednesday 8:00pm est
    • August 26th- Friday 8:00pm est
    • Sept 23rd- Friday 8:00pm est
    • Oct. 24th- Monday 8:00pm est
    • Nov.21st.- Monday 8:00pm est
    • Dec.22nd – Thursday 8:00pm est.
  • Q/A Community sharing – each session we try to include some time to share our experience and witness each other, depending our time allowance.











A space for Women to deepen the relationship with their Feminine Soul



Experience the Feminine Soul Healing and pause to receive in our Inner Circle… through the teachings of Conscious Feminine Medicine, including the 13 Pillars, the 5 Sacred Initiations and the 7 Feminine Super-Powers, as outlined in the book, ‘Birth of the Conscious Feminine ~ a new era of Feminine Sovereignty’.
If you are ready to reclaim your Feminine Sovereignty and heal the personal and collective wounds of the Feminine within you, then consider joining our community and stepping into your Feminine Power.


Heal personal and collective ancestral trauma, for women.


Access your Divinity and empower yourself as a woman! 




Every gathering we dive into Feminine Soul Healing through voice activation, embodied presence, embodied breath, sound healing, mantras and Healing Transmissions that will directly bring you into deeper connection with your  Feminine Soul.  








You can cancel at any time… 


The Time of Feminine Sovereignty is Here! 

This is the time of Great Awakening… of the Rise of the Feminine.

This is the time that has been predicted throughout all the ages.

This is the time where Women will come into their Sacred Power. 

This is the time where Women will heal the world…

through the awakening of the Feminine. 


Join us three times a month, to embody Your Feminine Soul and heal your Soul and body from the pain and trauma generations of women have been affected by.  With each Soul Healing transmission in our circle… You will experience greater and greater levels of the LOVE that you ARE, via FEMININE SOUL HEALING TRANSMISSIONS, BREATH, VOICE ACTIVATION, DRUMMING, SOUND HEALING, EMBODIED MOVEMENT, GUIDED SOMATIC PROCESS, MANTRAS & INVOCATION.

The weekly feminine medicine healing circles  are designed for the evolution of your Feminine Soul, especially for those that are Healers… and that want to deepen their relationship with your SOUL awaken your MEDICINE within. All sessions are based on the Sacred Initiations & Feminine Archetypes of Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing system, and the book “Birth of the Conscious Feminine: new era of  Feminine Sovereignty” by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.  


The Feminine is all about embodiment… we need to, not just KNOW that we are a Light Beings made from LOVE Consciousness… but be able to FEEL ourselves as:✨ Light beings✨be able to feel ourselves as LOVE in action… ✨be able to feel ourselves as PEACE✨as JOY✨and as all the qualities of the Divine! That is what is different about the Feminine Path of spirituality and the Masculine paths that we have known in our (5000yr) culture. So… if you are being called to experience your spiritual nature… your Essence… and all of the qualities that we know are possible… then come experience it in your body. ✨It is through your Body… that you can experience your soul… your Essence in this incarnation… on Earth.

✨Become a member of the Conscious Feminine community… and reclaim your Feminine Sovereignty 



Join our Global Feminine Medicine Inner Circle Community NOW…