About Us - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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About Us

Conscious Feminine Medicine Misson & Vision

Conscious Feminine Medicine’s mission is to resurrect the sacredness within women, by providing coaching, teachings, programs and group embodiment practices to awaken women to the Truth of their Being.                                      

Conscious Feminine Medicine is a non-profit organization offering transformational programs and one on one spiritual coaching/healing to end suffering of women on all levels; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, on the planet. 

Conscious Feminine Medicine awakens women to the medicine of their own light… and helps women realize that within the signature of their souls, they have the medicine that they need.  They have the ability to access Source within, and heal the past wounds and awaken to the true reality of their worth and sacredness.  This is the consciousness shift that is happening on our planet, and evolutionary awakening of the Feminine within us all.  We are here to change the collective story of the Feminine, globally. 

Conscious Feminine Medicine… the medicine of Light.

Conscious Feminine Medicine consciously bridges the gap of Medicine and Spirituality, by the Quantum Science’s acknowledgement that our physical bodies are just a reflection of our energetic bodies, and thus Consciousness needs to be part of the equation when healing is concerned.  Our relationship with ourselves in the subtle fields of emotions, thoughts and beliefs constantly impacts our physical biology and bodies, even to the degree of being able to turn on certain genes (epigenetics).  For women… the unconscious wounds of our survival patterns, from the repressive collective consciousness of the last 5000+ years, creates deep suffering in our hearts, souls and in our bodies. Conscious Feminine Medicine offers the tools and embodied somatic practices to address these layers and transform the wounds of the past, allowing us to reclaim our selves fully as sovereign beings.  Healing ourselves involves dissolving our collective, cultural and personal conditioning, transforming our wounds, and ultimately realigning ourselves with the creative impulse of our Feminine Essence !

Evolution of our Feminine Soul

What is the Conscious Feminine? The Conscious Feminine is a term I have coined to express the process of creating consciousness (awareness) of the  Feminine Essence within.   Both men and women carry the Feminine and Masculine essence within, the yin and yang, its two aspects of the Oneness… each with its particular qualities.  The feminine qualities have been repressed & rejected in our societies, subtly and not so subtly, for the last 5000+ years,  in both men and women.  Because women’s biology is related to our feminine energy and to our identification with it…  we have in many ways rejected ourselves.  Therefore, becoming Conscious of the Feminine aspect of ourselves is truly the next evolutionary consciousness process on the planet , which means awakening to our heart and leading with compassion and caring for our human kind, all sentient beings and Mother Earth, as well as community vs. competition, compassion vs. greed and restoring the value and sacredness of women on the planet !

As a woman, healing our Feminine bodies comes through full embodiment of our Conscious Feminine Essence, which we have been disconnected from.  From this Conscious Feminine Essence, we are able to allow full creative expression of the unmanifested consciousness to move through us and give birth to the unique expression of our Soul.  It is time for women to free themselves from the pain of the past and live in the Joy of our divine nature.

Find out here how to work with Dr. Murciano-Luna and our Feminine Embodied Presence community.