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My 30+ Year Healing Journey & the ‘Birth of the Conscious Feminine’

My 30+ Year Healing Journey & the ‘Birth of the Conscious Feminine’


I have been in the process of revising my ‘big book’- “ Birth of the Conscious Feminine” which was originally completed last year right before Covid hit us. As we were all locked down and life was shifting right before our eyes… a few new realizations came in, and I found myself initiating another ‘last revision’ again.   So, instead of launching… I began another process of revision, and I am happy to say that the revisions are all complete… and the new release will be out soon! 


But before I talk about the release… I want to share the real inspiration for this book with you.  This book, is such a big part of me. It was birthed from the 30+ years of my personal (and collective) healing journey from fear and trauma.


When I was young, I was really focused on healing the overwhelming fear and anxiety in me. And early on, I attributed my fear and trauma to my near-death experience at age 6, but throughout my healing journey, I discovered that my fear was greater than any one particular event, it was rooted in a much greater experience of collective trauma, experienced by the women in my lineage… and shared by all women, in one way or another. 


Now a significant realization during my healing journey was noticing how I still faced a lot of obstacles to fully heal, even though I was graced with profound wisdom from the many spiritual healing traditions I experienced.  I constantly felt ‘not fully understood by my teachers or their teachings, I also didn’t feel like my situation was really being acknowledged… and I didn’t feel related to, specifically, as a woman, with my range of experiences.


Most of the healing and spiritual paths I encountered, used the notion and image of God Source as male, relating to ‘him’ in masculine pronouns, which caused further separation and rejection within me, contributing to the sense of isolation as a woman and to narratives of inadequacy.  In my confrontation with those using the continuous correlation of  ‘God Source’ with male pronouns, I was reminded about the concept of GOD having no gender… but yet they continued to spew out words that didn’t honor Unity… but rather perpetuated more separation and exclusion of women.  I recognized, that even in these spiritual paths of Oneness… new age… and transformational healing, the patriarchal views of separation and exaltation of the masculine was still in full swing, and that these beliefs were so internalized that people didn’t even realize their own continued participation in this unspoken agenda of separation.


The Great Mother was still being denied, fully empowered woman and the Feminine were still missing from the Source realm of spirituality and sacredness. Unfortunately, along with the old internalized views of patriarchy, came the subtle suggestive blame, shame and demonization of the Feminine, hidden just beyond cognitive awareness, in these spiritual paths originally created by men, for men.


Personally, my feelings and emotional experiences as a woman, the shame and trauma in my body, the lack of safety, the internalized fear to speak my truth and the deep terror that I felt, were not discussed, nor addressed. Instead, I was generally oriented to shift my mindset to higher vibrations, ignore my emotions, and dissolve my sense of power. “What power”, I kept asking myself? “I am so disconnected from any sense of real power… I feel terrified just to speak… and have no sense of self, at my core”.


My pain and suffering weren’t about excess power… or an exaggerated ego attitudes… (common in the masculine paths), but rather the opposite; feeling shame, blame, lack of safety and not belonging within myself and this world. I didn’t need more discipline and a path of asceticism (relinquishing everything), my culture and I, had already done that to myself.  I needed the compassion of the Mother… I needed understanding and love… I needed to trust my body again and experience the Wild Feminine. I needed to feel safe enough to feel pleasure freely and connect with my ecstatic joy, without blame and shame.  I needed to reclaim my power and sovereignty, and restore the sacredness in my body.  My gender was intertwined with my suffering and with my healing.  I could not heal without unwinding the pain ‘in’ these experiences and ultimately I realized that… being a woman is how ‘I’ experience divinity. 


As I kept hitting these obstacles on the outer, I kept being drawn inward, and ultimately… something shifted, and I knew I had to stop looking outside myself for the deep wisdom. It didn’t exist, outside of me… only within me.  Something began to guide me and heal me from within. This brought great resolution to my fear, anxiety and trauma, not just in my heart, but also my body. I realized my fear and trauma wasn’t just personal… but rather stemmed from collective trauma that had affected generations of women before me, in the past 5000+ years, due to the severance from the Feminine Principle and the Great Mother Divine.


I began to remember the lost, hidden wisdom of the Feminine, that which had been lost in this patriarchal society. What was birthed was the true medicine within me… it was a REMEMBERING… and a restoration of the long, lost wisdom of the Feminine.  My healing was about this reclamation of inner Feminine Wisdom


As I kept ‘listening’ the path began pouring out of me and taking shape as the teachings of Conscious Feminine Medicine, which I have now solidified into my third book, ‘Birth of the Conscious Feminine’. This is the path I was shown… a women’s healing path dedicated to healing our personal and collective fear and trauma, by re-establishing the Feminine principle within us and reclaiming our divinity. By healing ourselves… we are healing the collective trauma of all women, and that of planet Gaia, Herself, and the beauty of it is, it is all within us, individually. 


I have gained many insights along this healing journey…. most which have become part of the Conscious Feminine Medicine system and will also be available through THE FEMININE PATH APP (a phone application available Fall 2021), consequently, one of the greatest insights is that we are truly all connected… the trauma that has been done to generations of women still lives within our very own psyche and our very own cells. Our bodies are the sacred doorway to heal the generational disconnect we have suffered from the Divine Feminine. It is in the very act of reclaiming our Sacred Power that enables us to heal ourselves and heal the great collective Feminine trauma, that has veiled us for the last 5000+ years. Healing one is healing all, including the planet, and we are the generation, graced with the awareness and consciousness to do this powerful work.  


The era of Feminine Sovereignty is upon us… urging us to heal our wounds and step into the magnificence and innate power of our being, by embracing our Divine Source Self through the Feminine


Love & Light, 

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna




Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, The FEMININE PATH app ( Fall 2021)  and Nourishing Women in South Florida. USA.  She is a Spiritual Healer/ Teacher/ Guide, Author, Feminine Mystic, Holistic doctor and Acupuncture physician. She has spent most of her life focused on healing fear and collective Trauma in women and helping us embody the evolution of our Feminine Soul, within ourselves and the planet.  Through Conscious Feminine Medicine, inc. non for profit organization, Dr. Murciano- Luna offers online program, mentorships, retreats and personal healing sessions to explore just the right medicine for you! For a private Feminine Medicine assessment book your online session here.


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