WOMEN'S RESET for Fall Equinox - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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WOMEN’S RESET for Fall Equinox

WOMEN’S RESET for Fall Equinox

Here we are … the beginning of the Fall… Fall Equinox… moving through the Earth phase coming into the dissolving season of Fall… also known as the metal phase in Chinese Medicine. As we transition out of the Earth season, which is a short transitional time of harvest, reflection and nourishment, we can take a pause to digest all that life has brought us till now. At this time of Fall Equinox… we can take a pause and shift gears, from the very YANG outward celebratory energy of summer to the YIN inward reflective energy of the fall season. 

It also happens to be mercury retrograde now… which also slows things down, not to mention the other six planets in retrograde which contributes to a pause and shifting of gears on all levels. So at this time of transition… focusing on our Stomach and Spleen, one of the things we can do for ourselves is to support our bodies, our health and wellness, with deep nourishment, both with food, but also with love, compassion and attention to our bodies and digestive needs. Aligning ourselves with the wisdom of the seasons, allows us to receive the deep nourishment that only the Earth can give us. Through this connection, we empower ourselves, and deepen trust and safety in our physical bodies, which is the medicine we need to move out of fight or flight, anxiety and many other disembodied ways of being.

When we become aware of our body being the body of Earth, and break the perception of separation, we are able to experience the stability of the Earth, within us, as well as beneath us, thus allowing us to embody safety in our being.In our culture, many of us live disconnected from the earth… and from our bodies, and we often consider Source, as something outside ourselves… but the truth is that it is through our bodies that can experience our divine nature… the consciousness of Source… our Soul… our Essence… our higher Self, and so acknowledging and appreciating ourselves as sacred, as well as the Earth and all of her Creation… is the shift we are all in, at this time. This disconnection has led to the destruction we see all around us, and the abuses of our Earth, as well of ourselves. When we remove the sacredness from something, we objectify it and separate if from our hearts, devaluing it and making it easy to abuse it. We have removed ourselves from our sacred being, and we deny the interconnectedness of all things. Yet this is the evolution of our soul… to move out of separation, and into greater conscious awareness of all that we are… and that creation is!

Thus, this is very much the Feminine message, to awaken to the reality that all physical matter is sacred and spiritual. There is no separation, and what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. We are the Earth, our body is the Earth. So… at this time of transition… we can focus on our inner Earth… our stomach and spleen system (Earth) and our gut- lungs and large intestines – (Fall Metal element) … and perhaps begin the process of clearing and detoxing on all levels… as we move into a new phase, a new season and a new you. It is important to realize that our health and vitality is contingent upon the health of our digestive system… and that many of the hormones and biochemicals are produced in our gut. So, how we ‘feel’ at any given moment, is directly related to our gut. We hold a lot of our collective and personal trauma, as well, in our gut. Our gut it is our second brain, or third, if you count the heart brain. Nonetheless, at this time of year, we can take a pause, reset our gut, and digest what we have experienced during this past year in our lives, and prepare ourselves for the inward and outer purification of the fall. 

So… here are some tools and recommendations to RESET on all levels, and create harmony, health and healing during this powerful Fall Equinox transition. 

Body/Mind- 21 DAY RESET for Health, Healing & Happiness

Try this for 21 days!

Spiritually: Reflect on your body, and all the magic that it contains… regardless of whether you are experiencing challenges with it or not. There may be some areas of challenge… but there are many others areas, but regardless there is a life force that is YOU… that is truly organizing the magic we call your body. Tap into your body wisdom, into your life essence and celebrate the magic of your body… below is a guided embodied meditation you can do to activate and empower the reverence of your life & body. 


Emotionally: Let’s start a grateful journal, but not the typical grateful journal… but one that YOU are at the center of. Reflect every night on what do you APPRECIATE about yourself... yes about you? Let yourself see yourself in another light… one that is appreciative of all the things you do… the things you care about… the courage… the resilience… the love… and also the challenges you have been through. Reflect on yourself and write three things that you APPRECIATE about yourself… every night! ( How can you expect others to acknowledge you… if you do not acknowledge yourself- this is a really important Self-Care and Self Love practice.)

Mentally: Repeat after me>>>Daily!
I deserve… I am worthy… I have a right to exist and express… I am nurtured, safe and supported by the Universe. I honor and acknowledge myself. 

Physically: 21 day purification cleanse- I suggest the 21 day cleanse from Standard Process. Its 2 protein shakes a day, and one balanced meal, daily, that includes eating healthy, organic, protein, vegetables, and fruits and I love the shakes. This is a modified version of what is in the packaging, so please note that its a slightly different version, because you are eating protein, throughout the whole 21 days and use the protein shakes to replace two meals; breakfast and dinner. You can order directly, with patient direct code: Which is needed to order. No need for consult. I also recommend dairy free with gastro-fiber. (Once you register under patient direct with code, I will receive an email to approve you to buy the products directly, since they are a physician only line. You can email me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

21-Day purification cleanse – dairy free, gastro-fiber.

Vagina Steaming – I recommend a vaginal steaming regime during these 21 days… which you can do daily, or at least every other day. Steaming herbs can be purchased online directly here.(Do not do vaginal steaming when you are on your menses). 

Nature Walks… leisurely walk in nature… breathing in Her essence, feeling into the stillness of the trees, the dance of the ocean, the caress of the wind, the embrace of the sun. Feel her presence activating your body. Studies show that walking in nature ‘leisurely‘ reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels, but the key is ‘leisurely’ not power walking, or walking for exercise. Access our Guided Meditation below for WOMEN’S 21-Day RESET … 

This embodied meditation was recorded during our last Feminine Embodied Presence community group for women. Details below if you want more support during the month, and want to join our tribe! 

Love & Light,
Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna


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