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Being the Sunrise…

Being the Sunrise…

I have this friend that lives on the beach, that shares these beautiful pictures of the water… at sunrise. These remind me of when I lived on the beach… before having children, and I had the luxury of walking over to the beach every morning for inspiration. 

Those days are gone… but what has stayed is the imprint of that sunrise… within myself… within my very being and that is exactly what I want to speak to you about today!

I have often been asked… why do you do the exhausting work of purification… the work of excavating the layers and layers of your pain and suffering? 
Why do we have to face the pain… trauma and cellular memories that are all neatly stored… why not leave them be? 

Why spend hours on end… dredging through the muck… and surrendering within? Ignorance is bliss… right… or is it?
Why monitor the incessant voices of criticism… and the narratives that automatically play in my psyche?

This constant awareness sounds all a bit exhausting… right? And your mind may tell you that it’s much more appealing to go to the beach… or go on a hike… or make love with your partner… or dive into some yummy coffee dark chocolate ice cream… yes?

Well the truth is that in order to enjoy that sunrise… to enjoy the sun rising within you every morning… or any time at all… whether you are at the beach or not… is why we do it! Let me explain…

Yes, I do agree… the work may look a bit exhausting… and yes it is time consuming… you actually have to dedicate ‘time’ to it, cultivate and stop the ‘busy cycle’ that we all run in. And like most people looking in… ‘inner work’ just seems like one more thing to do… added to the endless list that your mind produces everyday. 

However… if you want that sunrise… that inner blissful state of your being, you have to be willing to confront and excavate everything that is in the way… including your own unresolved ‘stuff’. That sunrise is the hidden gem that lies deep within you. 

This sunrise isn’t an intellectual conceptual experience… it’s the radical ecstatic blissful state of LOVE… Joy! It is not sexual… but we may experience it as sexuality… sometimes… 
This is the state of your being… unencumbered by your thoughts… your conditioning… your narratives. 
This is your Truth… your birthright.

It is you as joy and pleasure… rather than living in survival… fear.It is what we are awakening to….It is the light in your being…Right here in your body… waiting for you to acknowledge it… to awaken to it!
This is the dance of your light…Your ecstatic blissful light… in the stillness of your being.

By doing the excavation we get a taste, if even for a few minutes of the true ecstatic Light of our being…. our Essence. 
Because… as Rumi said… the work is not to become the love… but to remove all the obstacle that are in the way of the LOVE… You are (already) this LOVE. 

It is truly a mind blowing experience… not something that is easily captured with words… but rather felt in your being. It is the experience of being lite up… in the ecstatic joy of your being! Every light worker and healer knows this experience… and that’s what keeps us going back for more. 

And what we also know is that the unresolved pain of the past… our deepest fears… angers & resentments… are the barriers that prevents us from living in our divine Light… in our Ecstatic Essence. 

Who wouldn’t want to feel ecstatically blissful all the time…? If you tasted that truth of your being.. this divine reality of your soul… wouldn’t you be willing to dedicate some time… effort… focus…. to continue to expand your ability to access this gem of your Soul… to feel that ecstatic light rising within you?
Of course you would… it’s the real candy for your soul… it becomes the addiction… that doesn’t disappoint… because it is the endless magical fountain of your Being… of Divine Source. 

Now the secret is out… this is why we do it.

This is why becoming responsible for our state of consciousness is attractive… and even sexy. This is why we can commit to stop the blaming and shaming narratives and why facing the pain of our past… is… pleasurable. We have tasted the Light of our Soul… and we are willing to do what it takes to free ourselves from the barriers that prevent us from living, expressing and dancing in this true Ecstatic Essence! 

Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, School of Conscious Feminine Medicine and Nourishing Women in South Florida. USA.  She is an Integrative Body/Mind doctor, Acupuncture physician, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Author.  She has spent most of her life focused on healing the wounds of the Feminine in Women and helping us embody the evolution of our Feminine Soul, within ourselves and the planet.  Through the Healership School and privately, Luna offers online program, mentorships and personal healing sessions to explore just the right medicine for you! For a private Feminine Medicine break thru, book your online session here.

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