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7 Archetypal Faces of the Feminine

7 Archetypal Faces of the Feminine

We are in “the time of planetary change… and transformation”.  One of the ways in which this is happening is through the conscious awakening of the Sacred Feminine within humanity. However, what we have related to the Feminine has been filtered through a prism of rejection and demonization, by the masculine paradigm of the Patriarchy. Thus, leaving us, especially women, with an unconscious disconnection of what the true Essence of the Feminine is… looks like… and feels like.

In my work with Conscious Feminine Medicine, the Feminine has been showing up in ways that honor the lost teachings and sacred power of the wisdom traditions. As I have incorporated the pre-daoist teachings of Dark Moon lineage – Wu Healers, ecstatic healers dating back to our pre-historic Great Mother time of at least 38,000 years ago… I find a web of new archetypal faces of the Feminine… coming through and making themselves known through this Feminine Spiritual Path of Conscious Feminine Medicine.

I realize that as a humanity, we need new ways to relate and embody the Feminine… within ourselves and our psyches, because the archetypes we relate to as the “Feminine”, are either extremely distorted ideas of men and woman… or somewhat related to religious figures of goddesses that are heavily dependent on masculine paradigms of birth, death and power. The Feminine itself has been lost… and we do not have healthy models in our psyche that hold the true essence and the power of Her, for us to integrate into our being.

In this time of Great Awakening, the alterations are happening in our mind and in our hearts, as well as in our wombs. We are learning to navigate through the portal of our hearts and wombs, which has been closed in the patriarchal survival culture of the last 5000-7000 years.

And as we awaken to the full portal of our hearts and wombs, we also become aware of how we have been closed off from these portals, navigating mostly from our minds, disconnected from our spiritual nature. We have been lost in the paradigm of mind, material and separation, operating with closed hearts and wombs.

As we return to our true sacred nature and realign ourselves with that which is life giving… life supporting and life affirming… we naturally become supported and loved from within, reconnecting with the source of life within.  Awakening to the Feminine is also awakening to our unseen spiritual nature… as well as our access to Source on all levels. This is a marriage of form (body) and formlessness ( spiritual Essence), a true union of our whole self.

Our divine reality is referred to as SHE.  SHE is the source of life… that which we have turned our backs on.  SHE is the source of love that we constantly look for outside of ourselves.  We contain all the ‘things’ that we are looking for, ‘out there’, everything is contained in the spiritual dimension and sourced from the spiritual dimension that we are and we have access to, while being in physical form.

We are born from primordial Essence… that which we are calling Great Mother… God Mother… Source… Oneness… or SHE, that which is Infinite and Absolute.  From HER… all else is sourced… and all else returns. SHE is the Great primordial Source of all… the Tao… the Infinite… the Eternal.

Patriarchal Collective

In our patriarchal culture we have lost consciousness of our Feminine Essence… and more importantly of our true spiritual nature, and in turn this has created a domination culture in which we look outside ourselves for our GOD (source). We have been severed from our source of sacredness… our source of safety… and our source of Infinite Love.  In our disconnection, we have lived aimlessly… for thousands of years… trying to fulfill this deep void of separation focused on the outer world, the world of form.  This is the internal wound we collectively carry, of ‘thinking’ we are separate from the Divine… because we have believed that story. This separation has caused much fear and an incessant search for fulfillment from sources outside ourselves.  Our focus has been fixed externally… and there we continue to face the limitations, disappointments and disillusion of a world without heart… without love, without Source. 

We have a lived in this domination culture for the last 5000-7000 years with an image of a father GOD… that does not give freely, does not create safety, and is essentially separate from our selves… our bodies and our hearts. This is a man-made image of Source… which controls humanity through fear and power, this is not the true Essence of Source, the Mother of All. 

Another RealityOrienting from a Loving Universe

Source is Infinite Love… infinite Joy… infinite peace… and many more sacred universal qualities which are sourced within our own being.  “We” are the Great Consciousness that is Source… we are that in our individuated Essence… and manifested into form in this lifetime. We are the expression of the Divine… and as such… we ourselves are Sacred.  There is nothing within HER creation, that is not sacred. 

Resurrecting the Conscious Feminine Matrix

As we begin to resurrect the Feminine Matrix and embody this reality within us, we have to become familiar with HER… all over again and see the many manifestations of the Sacred Feminine that lay dormant within our DNA.  SHE is within us… and SHE is that which we have called GOD… up until now.  She is the one that gives birth to all of HER creation and is the quantum reality of all possibilities and all of creation. We must awaken to HER… and all of the ways that SHE operates within us… as we become awakened to our own sacredness and holiness.  This recalibration of the Conscious Feminine Matrix is happening consciously, and unconsciously within our psyches.  If we are conscious and open to this shift, we see the seeds of a new dawn… and it’s new light being planted and growing within us… in this very moment… especially as the outer world moves through the chaotic transformation we are witnessing. If we say Yes to the Feminine within us, we become the ones that are anchoring and transmitting this light… and with it the new paradigm. This truth, HER truth is already within us… we are just awakening to it… and helping others awaken to it. We know it in our bones… it is written in our hearts and souls.

Seven Archetypal Faces of the Feminine

There are seven archetypal faces of the Feminine that have been coming through the work of Conscious Feminine Medicine… and want to be known and explored. But first let us clarify the Divine as Source… as Feminine and as our primordial mother which all is birthed from.  SHE has no other, SHE is also known as the Absolute, the Infinite and the all-encompassing.  SHE is the Source from which all the Universal Qualities are derived from… pouring into all dimensions and worlds.  SHE is the unknowable… that which always has been.  SHE has been called by many names, most commonly known as GOD… the father, yet SHE has been the source of all inspirations, philosophies and religions. The primordial Essence comes through us and created us, in HER image.  SHE is the stream of awakened consciousness that courses through us… and continues to awaken us to the seen and the unseen of HER ways.  She is the magic, SHE is the Light and most importantly SHE is the Infinite LOVE that is always present, whether we see it or not.  From HER womb, the ten thousand things are born. SHE is the Tao… SHE is All. 

SHE manifests in particular Universal Qualities of Light that are here described as archetypal faces of the Feminine.  These living archetypes that manifest through us women, and all of humanity.  Furthermore, these archetypes are a living field, separate only in our own minds and for the sake of the spoken word. As we awaken to the Feminine, we are able to consciously embody more and more of divine self… of Herself… within us.  Awakening to these six archetypal faces of the Feminine allows HER to be born through us all.  

Dark Mother

The Dark Mother is the transformative quality of life on this realm.  On the physical plane, life is constantly transforming and dying… only to be reborn into another form. We see it in nature…. we see it in all material things.  It is the process of death and rebirth.  We, as women, experience it in our wombs, this monthly process of death and rebirth of releasing and then preparing for possibility of life again, in our uterine lining. We experience these cycles of rebirth and death in our own lives… new stages of life always bring the end of something and the rebirth of something new.  This transformative power of the Dark Mother, allows us to release the old to make room for the new… especially with our emotions and our narratives.  The Dark Mother, brings us down into the underworld, where we can face our deepest fears and narratives of separation, in order for us to die to these false narratives, and allow our true light to emerge, being reborn over and over into our truth of greater Light.   Yet the Dark… and these transformative powers of the Feminine, have been demonized, feared, and made wrong.  We fear the dark… we fear our own power that lies in our hidden fears and ultimately we fear death, because we have been disconnected from the eternal realm… and we see death as a finality rather than the transformative process of shifting paradigms that it is. Through the Dark Mother we transform, we die to the old… we evolve… and we have consistently give birth to new realities. This gives us the inherent ability to enter into the transformational alchemy of our soul… transmute our pain, and awaken to new levels of magic within us. When we stop fearing the ‘dark’ we begin to own the inherent power of transformation, within us.

Ecstatic Feminine Essence

Our Ecstatic Feminine Essence archetype is really the embodiment of our blissful nature of primordial light.  Within our being, we carry this Ecstatic Essence… it is who we are… it is our Light… the light of our Soul.  This Ecstatic Essence that has been called our life force, is the very force of attraction in the Universe that desires to merge and becomes One. We carry this in our Essence and it is the origin of JOY and pleasure that we feel in our bodies.  

Many times, we experience this our ‘sexual energy’, because of its blissful nature… but in reality our light is felt as a blissful ecstatic energy that promotes pleasure and joy.  When we orient from our soul… we are able to tune in and feel our Ecstatic presence within us, acting as a barometer to determine what is in alignment with our Being. In other words, what is for our highest good, bypassing the intellect, and relying on direct experience and resonance.  When we are in tune, with our Ecstatic Feminine, we are able to orient from Joy… and let Joy guide us, rather than orienting from our habituated trauma response pattern of fight or flight (FEAR), as so many of us have learned to do

However, for women it hasn’t’ been safe to inhabit our bodies fully, because our bodies have been shamed and demonized, especially our sexuality and sensuality.  So, we have either shut down our Ecstatic Essence, along with feelings of pleasure in our body, or we have opened ourselves up to acceptable uses of our Ecstatic Essence, in food and sex narratives. In order to orient from Joy and pleasure… we have to reclaim and recalibrate our bodies to its natural state of Joy and pleasure, through the embodiment of our Ecstatic Feminine Essence and be willing to release the conditional responses of shame that have been indoctrinated into our cellular consciousness. We have to be willing to feel good about feeling ‘pleasure’ in our bodies… outside of the acceptable food and sex narratives.  We have to let our natural sensuality lead… and free ourselves from the old dictums of being good… rather than feeling good. Embodying our Ecstatic Feminine Essence allows us to recognize that the Light of our Being is ecstatically blissful, sacred and holy, and we can source our ecstatic pleasure directly from within, independently of any outside sources.

Creatrix Feminine

This Archetypal Face of the Feminine is that ground from which all is birthed, as well as the continuing creative impulse that continuously births form into form. This is the creative energy of creation itself… which seeks to continue its birthing into something new, over and over again. When we embody this aspect of our Feminine Soul, we can feel the creative impulse deep within…. inspiring us to continue to grow, evolve and give birth to something new.  There is a deep resonance with life… knowing that life continues to express in a myriad of ways and forms, after death there is always rebirth.  This is the creative force that is the birthing force related to the Dark Mother of death and rebirth.  This is the impulse of life that promises to continue its evolution in a new creation, moment to moment… cycle after cycle.

We can see the manifestation of the Creatrix, in the rise and fall of the seasons and in Nature. She is visible in the first light of Winter, and the first shoot of Spring, in the full bloom of Summer and in the decay of the Fall. She is the creative principle behind all of life, and evident in the cycles of Nature. These cycles are also within our physical bodies… as the cellular growth and evolution are continuously underlining the processes inherent in our own bodies.

Creation continues onward as a continous expression of the Divine. There are infinite possibilities of creation ready to inspire us and to manifest through us.  When we open up to the Creatrix within us, we become inspired sources of creation, co-creating from the realm of ‘all possibilities’, whether we create projects, or babies, or find new ways to express ourselves. We each carry this Essence of Creatrix within, and its a matter of awakening to HER, and embracing all the ways in which you want to express your Creatrix force.

Cosmic Womb Mother

The Cosmic Womb Mother is the mother of all mothers and it is also the Mothering, nurturing template within us.  All of human creation has been born through a woman’s womb, therefore, the alchemical properties of creating and manifesting life as physical form is part of the inherent birthing transformational dynamic of the WOMB.  The Womb is not just the physical matrix of the uterus organ… but the energetic aspect of the birthing manifesting Universal principle, we each carry.  

Within the energetic Womb… the qualities of infinite compassion are weaved into the souls of each generation, anchoring our being with the Light of the Divine realms… while we navigate the often treacherous domain of duality. The light of compassion, union and infinite Love is anchored in each physical manifestation, whether we are able to creatively express those qualities or not.

The Cosmic Womb Mother impregnates us with the divine qualities, or the non-dual qualities… a bond so strong that it surpasses physical forms and lifetimes. A mother’s love is known to be the strongest bond of all… because in reality it is the separation and creation of two bodies… from one. She carries the ability to deeply feel what is happening to her offspring… as if it were her own body… which essentially it is. This is the level of compassion… or union that is transmitted in the Cosmic Womb Mother archetype. The Mother’s stream of compassion and union, is related to the Cosmic union of oneness… and as such it allows us to incarnate those non-ordinary levels of reality into physicality, through the matrix of our Womb.  

Feminine Wisdom Keepers

The Feminine Wisdom Keepers archetype is directly connected to the field of Oneness where we can access the wisdom that has been held through the ages, without any limitation.  The Feminine Wisdom Keepers is the archetype that holds this wisdom in place… and allows us to access this field through the a portal inherent in this archetype.

Through the matrix of the Feminine Wisdom Keepers we are able to connect to our ancestors and to a time when we were consciously aware of the Great Mother in Neolithic 3000-10,000 BC and Paleolithic times. There is nothing ever lost because this field of wisdom is always available and it is through the Feminine Wisdom Keeper that we have direct access into this continuum of ancestral wisdom, collective wisdom, karmic and past life wisdom.

The Feminine Wisdom Keeper is able to access the information in between the world and come into union with the Universal Mind. Some call this field the Akashic records. The Feminine Wisdom Keeper keeps this portal open so that we have access to these realms from our physical embodied reality, accessible through the portal of our Sacral Womb.

Wild Woman

The Wild Woman archetype is the activating Yang force of our Essence. It is the life force that comes through wanting to interact… move… dance… express and communicate the active movement of Life itself. She moves… she expresses… she is full of life… and is completely moved by the inner impulses of Her life force.

She runs free like the wind… moves ecstatically in the movement… according to how the impulse is urging her to be. She is the powerful force of life within… and is also the vessel that allows the force of life to come through. She is not concerned with how it looks, or what others think… She is free to move and be in her wildness, in her joy, in her rawness.

The Wild woman only responds to the inner impulse of life… and takes direction from Her source. She is in tune with the cycles of the moon, dissolving in her inner cave during the dark moon, and howling, drumming and dancing when the moon is full. She is in tune with nature… with her Essence and with the wildness of her being, free from judgment and normative collective factors. She is the Wild woman.

Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman, She is the one that knows that She carries the true Medicine for the aching hearts of this world. She is the physician of the soul… that is able to move in between the worlds and help others awaken, heal and reclaim their true Soul Essence embodiment while incarnated in our physical body.

The Medicine Woman of today… uses her spiritual gifts to help herself, her community and humanity discover and embody their spiritual dimension… thereby transforming their experience of living on this plane.  She is aware that in her Essence… She carries, as does all of humanity, the Universal Qualities that heal the states of pain, suffering and separation. She is able to tune in and allow the healing of our heart… and the hearts of others… as She surrenders to the Innate Healer, directly anchored in Source.

Her medicine is one of consciousness… and she accesses these levels of consciousness in herself and others, through breath, sound, invocation and intention.

In the world, the Medicine Woman has access to the wisdom medicine of the Universe… and guides others, women and men, to fully embody their own personal sacred medicine.  She recognizes that we all come in with varying spiritual gifts… ready to be manifested here in the world… and helping others manifest their fullest potential is part of her medicine. 

The Medicine Woman knows that we are the Healers… we carry the medicine in our being… and it is our responsibility to discover and master our true nature of primordial Light… in order to heal ourselves, our planet… and manifest that reality physically. She knows that it is the Feminine, that restores the sacred truth of divinity within the world of form. And as such, She is the container for all the other divine Faces of the Feminine. She is the keeper of the Real Medicine.

Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, School of Conscious Feminine Medicine and Nourishing Women in South Florida. USA.  She is a Spiritual Healer/ Teacher/ Guide, Author, Feminine Artist, Holistic doctor and Acupuncture physician. She has spent most of her life focused on healing the wounds of the Feminine in Women and helping us embody the evolution of our Feminine Soul, within ourselves and the planet.  Through the School of Conscious Feminine Medicine and Conscious Feminine Medicine, inc. non for profit organization, Dr. Murciano- Luna offers online program, mentorships, retreats and personal healing sessions to explore just the right medicine for you! For a private Feminine Medicine assessment book your online session here.

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  • Whitney Rau-Kitts

    I am in awe of the feminine archetypes . The continuity and breadth of each archetype informs me and makes it clear how to live . Thank you for sharing this wisdom .

    November 15, 2020 at 5:18 pm