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Ancestral Karmic Healing Moon

Ancestral Karmic Healing Moon

What is Ancestral Karmic Healing and why do I need it?

This is a brief attempt to share with you my interpretation of ancestral karma and how it shows up for us, at the very least, how it has shown up for me. Some of us come into this world with patterns that we may be acutely aware of. We may experience patterns and moments of overwhelm, depression, hopelessness, low self esteem, doubting or judging ourselves, fear or unworthiness, or others that may be operating within us, and in our whole family line for years.

Many times we feel held back, or may have a gnawing sense of distrust, or uneasiness, that may be hard to explain and may not make sense to our conscious mind. We may feel deep levels of rejection, that frankly do not correlate with our present life. We may even feel deep levels of loneliness when we are surrounded by others, again, unexplainable to current experiences.

What we may not realize is that a lot of what we feel may be directly influenced and passed on energetically through our family of origin. The patterns we may be feeling may be similar to those that our mothers, and their mothers and/or our siblings have displayed and expressed in the past. Many times these patterns are passed on genetically through our inherited DNA, and consist of learned unconscious psycho-emotional and spiritual conditioning, inherited from generation to generation, until they are transformed. These are referred to karmic (soul) patterns that exist in families and generations, pass and present.

Now, while it is true that these patterns can be passed down from generation to generation, and mostly inherited, simultaneously it is true that we are not victims to our genes. Until a few years back, science thought that we were at the mercy of our genetic profile, in other words, the belief was that whatever we inherited in our DNA from our ancestors was what we were stuck with in this lifetime. However, with the evolution of epigenetics, we now know that while we do recieve and inherit the patterns of our ancestors in our DNA, we also have the power to alter, transform and evolve these patterns. In, my book, I discuss much about our ability to ‘turn on or off’ the gene selection according to our attitude and our level of consciousness. In other words, we might have inherited the DNA and psycho-emotional conditioned pattern of pessimism and hopelessness from our parents, but we have the ability to free ourselves and turn on the ‘happy genes’ (name used as a reference only), by clearing the karmic conditioning. Therefore, we are not victims of our past, but rather active participants and co-creators of our present, by way of choosing our state of mind.

It is important to realize that these challenges may come in the form of intense emotions, fears, judgements, loneliness, hopelessness, negative thinking or excessive thinking to name a few, but they also show up as physical challenges; disorders, reproductive, thyroid, chronic physical pain and many others. We may not realize that what we are experiencing is a karmic ancestral pattern, until our family mentions they too use to be depressed, or suffered with thyroid issues, or infertility, or any other psycho-emotional patterns . These patterns may be subtle, expressed as just an unspoken belief that everyone honors silently, ‘things you don’t say, or question, or ‘secrets’ in the family that are expected to remain silent. All these are conditioned karmic patterns that are limiting you and constricting you from living in your highest vibration of Love. It acts as a filter that subtly and not so subtly, controls your view point and thus your outcome in life. It is usually passed on from member to member, silently, and hidden. But the more challenge these beliefs and patterns, the more you follow your soul’s desire to awaken to the sacred power within you… in turn, the more you are able to free yourself and live from your Feminine Sovereignty. It is a choice, you make, consciously and unfortunately many times unconsciously.

Choose consciously or unconsciously… its your choice!

Yes we have choice, but are we aware of that choice? And is it always my choice or someone else’s? Well, the truth is it doesn’t matter where it comes from, we are all here to awaken to our divinity and evolve toward greater consciousness of Love. And yes you have choice, if you are aware enough to recognize that you have choice. That may mean, not buying into the voices in your head that say ‘you can’t’, or ‘you shouldn’t’, or’ it’s wrong’. In order to choose, you first have to be still enough, to listen to what those voices are… and discern. You have to be willing to face the emotional and spiritual challenges within your psyche and know that they are just noise, rather than confusing it with who you are. And thirdly, you have to be willing to move through the fear in order to anchor in the Love, which is your true Essence. It takes courage, and it takes trust, but it is worth the wild ride.

So, I always say, if you are feeling it, then its yours to address. And we must remember that at the level of unity, there is no separation, we each are sharing many of the challenges that others are experiencing… there is no yours and mine. But for this article, we will put that aside for now. If you are feeling it, then there is something for you to learn & evolve by facing it. No one can clear it for you, at least not if you want to reclaim your true Self and sovereignty. You have free will, therefore, you get to choose whether you want to stay a victim to your circumstances or take responsibility and see the truth that this challenge leads you to.

Moving forward…

Once a month, 3 days before the new moon, is a perfect time to dissolve and release the limiting karmic Ancestral patterns. Are you ready to take that step and challenge your limitations, your fears, your stuckness? If so take a look at our monthly, Ancestral Karmic Healing online retreat, for tomorrow and if you are willing to reclaim your Feminine Essence and your Sacred Power… then join us at Feminine Wisdom Keeper circle online.

Blessings on the evolutionary process of freeing your Feminine Soul, 

Dr. Leonor Nura Murciano-Luna

Join the Conscious Feminine tribe here.  Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Nourishing Women,  Conscious Feminine Medicine and School of Conscious Feminine Medicine. She is a Transformational Integrative Body/Mind doctor, Acupuncture physician, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author.  She has spent most of her life focused on healing Body/Mind and Soul… through the evolution and awakening of the Feminine in women  and on the planet. She offers online programs, mentorships and personal immersion & soul retrieval sessions, along with individual healing/ acupuncture work to find help you embody your true medicine.   

P.S. If you are looking for support with this process, during this time of transformation… consider a Soma Presence session, in person or via online.  Book a meet free online, Dr. M session here, and see if you are a good candidate.

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