Chariklo: The One that carries the Primordial Medicine - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Chariklo: The One that carries the Primordial Medicine

Nura Luna @FemSoul Art

Chariklo: The One that carries the Primordial Medicine

Nura Luna @FemSoul Art

She is the one that carries the Primordial Medicine.

She is the medicine, that holds space for us to heal, even when we have lost hope.

In cosmic mythology She is the wife of Chiron, the wounded healer, mentoring others. Perhaps Chariklo was there, holding space… transmitting hope… inspiring his soul to persevere for greater alchemical transformation. While Chiron brings us the applications of healing medicine, Chariklo is the primordial essence of medicine, Herself. She represents the essence of transformation, death and rebirth that brings healing of our Soul.

As an astroid, She carries the 6 pointed star in her birth chart, connecting Her to 7 other planets and permeating Her primordial healing to all. Her star composed of two triangles, symbolizes the harmonization and balance between two opposites; form and formlessness, Heaven and Earth. That balance and harmonization of duality is a gift of Her medicine.

She is the midwife of souls, helping us bring healing and love into our pain and disillusion. She is the medicine that transforms our suffering and nourishes our soul.

During this time of crisis and great awakening, Saturn and Pluto are leading the way, breaking the old structures of the patriarchal paradigm we have been living in, yet Chariklo is right there next to Saturn and Pluto, hidden, holding the vibrational truth of radical transformational healing for us… letting us know there is so much beyond what we see on the surface. She holds the great matrix of primordial medicine for us to dive into, if we dare to challenge the outer realities and face our deepest fear. She brings us the great alchemy of transformation… the gift of healing from our veils of suffering.

Witnessing Her birth process…

At this time of Great Awakening… She asks us to take a chance… dive deep and be willing to let go of how it’s been… even if we do not know the answer to what is coming. The transformation has to take place… we must die to our old way of being… in order for the new to be birthed. She extends the bridge of trust… trust in our wisdom… trust in our primordial Essence… trust in the deep medicine of our being. She awaits us to take the deep dive into our primordial Essence… to be born anew.

Art acrylic on canvas 16″x 20″ on 02/2020 by Nura Luna @FemSoul_Art.

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