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Welcoming, the Great Mother Consciousness

Welcoming, the Great Mother Consciousness

We start this month… of the 2020 with a bang!  This month there are quite some powerful energies all pointing to the Era of the Feminine.First of all, today we have a full moon in Cancer, with an eclipse intensifying the energies. And on top of that, Sunday, we have the powerful astrological conjunction of the heavy players, Saturn and Pluto, which actually are aligned with Mercury, Ceres and the Sun. There are many talks about this powerful conjunction, and I am not the one to truly give it justice, however, I do want to say that Ceres is the Astroid of the Mother, the nurturer, and Her significant placement between Saturn, Pluto and Sun, all point to the return of  Great Mother consciousness.  Pluto is the great regenerator, igniting death and rebirth and Saturn, amongst many things, represents our  structures and the deep Wisdom keepers.  

Therefore, it seems to me that the cosmic frequencies are bringing in the resurrection of the Great Mother Source consciousness right into the middle of it all, and the opportunity to release the old structures and create new structures that support this Feminine paradigm,  that has been underground for the last 5000 years.  In truth, 5000 years is not a long time, in comparison with the beginning of time on our planet, millions of years ago, or is it billions?  

Before, the patriarchal values became mainstream, the Great Mother was worshipped as the Source of all life, what we are born from and what we die into.  This unfortunately has been replaced with the concept of God (masculine) and the complete absence of the Creatrix Mother principle, leaving out the innate nurturing, compassionate Essence of Mother.  As we see the planet being desecrated, people putting greed before compassion, it is clear that we have lost the innate sacredness and the true value of ourselves, others and of our planet.  

Restoring the planet, is about the return of the Feminine Mother principle, in which we realign with Her principles of nurturing, compassion and especially sacredness for all of life, including the planet, Gaia. We must reclaim the Mother consciousness within ourselves, in order to bring the outer world into greater harmony. It is clear, that energetically we are moving into the Great shift and awakening to the innate divinity of all creation.  And with the planetary transits, the opportunity is knocking on our door. 

Therefore, you may want to reflect on your own relationship with Great Mother Source… and consider these thoughts…

How connected do you feel to the Divine source?… Would that change if you considered a Mothering, loving essence as the Source of the Divine?

How worthy and loving do you feel towards yourself?… Would that change if you acknowledged that you are Divine Essence, born from the Great Mother, and made in Her image?

When you are in nature, do you feel the connection and the common bond of being a sacred creation, just like all of nature?

What can you do now, to be more mothering, nurturing and compassionate to yourself and others, acknowledging the inherent sacredness of your being?

How can you acknowledge the sacredness of the Earth, knowing that you she is what has been providing endlessly for you to have a life here. Can you make that relationship more reciprocal in love?

Love & Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna


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