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Venus Journey is your Journey

Venus Journey is your Journey

Dear Sisters,    

There is an ancient story about Venus… where She is known as the morning star and the evening star. In this story, her journey in the sky is traced and personified into the Goddess Innana and Ershkigel… where Innana embarks on a transformative journey facing her deepest shadows in the underworld and giving birth to a new level consciousness in the outer world.  I find this ancient story of Innana and Venus fascinating and very telling of our own deep dives into the unknown transformative elements of the underworld with the Dark Feminine. 

I find this Venus journey very significant and powerful in my life… and in the lives of many women I work with.  It is a deeply transformational process of facing our darkness,  surrendering, and being born again in a new level of understanding.  In many ways, our Lunar cycle goes through this process every 30 days.  During the Dark Moon phase, we face Kali, the dark Mother… as She embraces us in Her purifying fire, burning up what is no longer needed. This is the transformational process of the Feminine.  This aspect of the Feminine… the dark Mother is also shat is feared and demonized within our patriarchal western culture.  Nonetheless, She is a fierce, and very needed aspect of the cycle of life and death. 

While I won’t go into the whole story of Innana and the phases of Venus here, I do want to share that we are in the middle of the transformational underworld time, where Venus is facing Her deepest shadows. She is deep in the process of alchemical dissolution and transformation, getting ready to ascend and reclaim Her power in a new level of consciousness as She ascends through each of the Chakra gates, beginning Sept. 19th. 2019. 

We are each Venus, in our own personal transformational journey.   We are now cosmically supported to take a deep dive into our shadow self… into our deep fears, rejection, shame, and all the filters in our mind that restrict us from our truest Essence of JOY.  These are our wounds…  and we are now supported to face our wounds… to dig them up, be with them and look at how they interfere with our expression of JOY… or how they cause suffering in our hearts.   And once we find them… we have to have the courage of letting them go! 

Yes this takes Courage! 

Yes, I say courage because most of us are so use to our limiting patterns that we are not willing to let them go… even though they are the cause of suffering, unfulfillment and restriction in hearts.  Our Fear… for example, may be creating artificial boundaries because you might not trust yourself, inherently… in this way fear acts as a boundary. Who would you be without your fear? Can you trust yourself enough to act without fear… to stop yourself without the need of fear…? 

Our Shame many times prevents us from speaking or doing things in public… however, can you be responsible enough to act without shame? Many times, these restrictive unconscious patterns create safety because they act as barriers and set limits for us.  But the truth is you have the ability to be free enough to set your own limits, rather than relying on these false patterns to do so for you.  

Are you willingto Trust yourself enough?

Yes it will also take trust… trust more in Love… than you do in fear. We have been wired with fear dictating and manipulating ourselves unconsciously… are we ready to trust that Love is greater… and that we are safe in the Love?These calcified thought & belief patterns block our experience of our Essence… which is JOY… and so we can’t be in fear and in JOY… we can’t be in shame and in JOY… We have to be willing to be in our JOY… and then trust in our Essence and the wisdom to act, do and express from it. 

Trust in Love more than you trust in Fear!

So, like Venus, many of us are feeling the intensity of this transformational journey in the underworld.  We may be feeling a lot of heavy energies… a lot of grief, sadness, hopelessness, fear, etc.  However, know that this is all in divine timing… and that it is an amazing time to face all the old wounds and patterns that are in the way of living your truth, your Light and your Joy.   Take advantage of journaling, contemplating and breathing into these old patterns that are arising in you… and trust in the light of transformation… This is the process of transforming them and freeing yourself !

In order to live your greatest Light, 

you must be willing to face your deepest darkness… 

and in so doing, 

you realize is that your deepest darkness

holds your greatest Light.                                                                                                            

~leonor murciano-luna

Blessings on the evolutionary process of freeing your Feminine Soul,  Leonor Nura Murciano-Luna

P.S. If you are looking for support with this process, during this time of transformation… consider a Soma Presence session, in person or via online.  Lets chat about it. 

Join the Conscious Feminine Revolution here.  Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of Nourishing Women,  Conscious Feminine Medicine and School of Conscious Feminine Medicine. She is a Transformational Integrative Body/Mind doctor, Acupuncture physician, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author.  She has spent most of her life focused on healing Body/Mind and Soul… through the evolution and awakening of the Feminine in women  and on the planet. She offers online programs, mentorships and personal immersion & soul retrieval sessions, along with individual healing/ acupuncture work to find help you embody your true medicine.   More info here.

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