Womb Trinity Blueprint Activation - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Womb Trinity Blueprint Activation

Womb Trinity Blueprint Activation

In our greater awakening to Feminine consciousness we are beginning to hear a lot about the WOMB, not only in a physical sense but also as an energetic container and potential. Now, I want to expand your consciousness even more, and present to you the Womb Trinity centers of Sacral, Heart and Head; powerful energetic vortexes within our own body and psyche.


This womb trinity center reflects three distinct areas in our body. Suffice to say that the number three appears in many ancient healing traditions and has strong metaphoric/esoteric associations within the Feminine and the MOON. We can say that these three phases of the Feminine are living within us in yet another way through these womb trinity centers.


As women we are designed as a vessel to allow creative flow to move through us as pure consciousness and one of the ways in which we absorb and manifest consciousness through us is through the WOMB trinity centers. These three wombs; Sacral womb, Heart womb and Head womb, are vortexes in our bodies in which we receive and process the energetic frequencies of the ascending earth energies (Feminine/Yin) and descending heavenly energies (Masculine/Yang) into our system for the purposes of creative distribution. Our vessel often gets bogged down and stagnated with old thinking and fear based patterns that are reinforced through our conditional perceptions of limitation. These patterns cause our conditioning which prevent us from experiencing the blissful, exhilarating life force that comes through our womb trinity centers. Bringing consciousness and activating the 3 womb trinity centers in our being, allows us to tune to the altered states of primordial source coursing through us.


In these three wombs, energy is stored, processed, transformed, received and transmitted. These centers act as intermediaries between the subtle realms and our physical manifestation. They influence everything from our energetic function, psycho-emotional aspects and physical biology. The womb trinity centers are creative vortexes in which the pure stream of consciousness or primordial force enters and transforms into a new creation.


Aside from their metaphysical, esoteric aspects, the womb trinity centers also contain an independent brain in each center. The heart womb and the sacral womb contain an extensive amount of neurons that allows it to be considered an independently functioning brain without the necessary interference or acknowledgement our head brain. Given that are head womb focuses around our thinking, this means that our heart and our sacral, have constant processes happening that are not informed by our thinking minds. This is detrimental due to the fact that in our collective repression of the Feminine, we have severed ourselves from use of the two lower wombs. Even as our evolution has progressed into more use of our heart womb through compassionate acts, we still are completely disconnected from our INTERNAL GUIDING SYSTEM (GPS) located deep in our sacral womb.


So lets look at the womb trinity and unravel its mystery. First we have the top womb in our heads. This space is where primordial energy transforms into creative thoughts, beliefs and thinking. Most of us live in our heads and have disconnected from the other two wombs in our bodies. Nonetheless, igniting and purifying our upper womb opens us to receiving the greatest light of primordial source, so that it brings through creative, sustainable thoughts and inspiration to ourselves and our lives.


Secondly, our heart womb center, in the middle center relates to our ability to feel LOVE, various qualities of love: unconditional love, universal love, peace, compassion, mercy, etc. Our own unprocessed pain and suffering blocks the ability for us to feel greater, deeper levels of LOVE from primordial source and thus prevents the stream of flow from our Heart womb to ourselves and outwardly towards humanity. Activating this heart womb center allows us to open ourselves up to the generous flow of the primordial essence and feel the light of LOVE in all its manifestation flooding our selves and our lives as it transforms all the old frozen memories and patterns of where we have been hurt before. Activating this womb space of the heart allows us to open up to the constant outpour of the unconditional love from the universe.


Last, we have our Sacral womb center. This is where we can receive the messages that consciousness/universe is giving us and tune in to receive the wisdom directly. In our Sacral womb is where we feel our ‘gut feelings’ but more importantly is where we feel the true knowing. As women, we have been cut off from our sacral womb for the past 5000 years, in favor of the more intellectual, logical, reasoning ability of the upper womb in our heads. It is imperative that we activate and learn to use all three womb in order to awaken to the complete power love and wisdom that is within us.


By bringing awareness and bringing consciousness to these subtle areas, we begin to awaken our subtle body and activate their potential powers of creation. Thoughts are energy and directing our thoughts in this way allows us to shift the energy and awaken the hidden secrets in the quantum field of the womb trinity centers. Therefore, creating awareness using the healing energy in your hands will activate these powerful morphogenetic centers in your energetic subtle and physical body. As we focus on the womb trinity center, we allow the vibrational frequency of the universal consciousness to purifying the old patterns, so that we become a greater vessel for the universal unity consciousness of creation to flow through. This is part of activating our light bodies.


When we have activated the womb trinity within us, we are able to let our selves receive the signals and guidance from source directly into our bodies, and actually hear the guidance within. We then can use our wisdom in listening to how we resonate with a decision, or an event, or anything we need more information on, for personal direction and guidance.   Listening for what ‘resonates’ and feels ‘good’ in our bodies… is how we know what is the best for us. By ‘best’ I mean, what decision will serve our higher purpose and our soul, rather than merely what we want. Sometimes, what is in the highest for you is what you want, and sometimes it isn’t. By tuning into our trinity womb centers, we reconnect with trusting our ‘bodies’ again… and our own Internal Guiding SYSTEM, that’s inherent in all of us.


We can hear the wisdom in our sacral womb lower center, let the guidance percolate upwards towards our heart womb center (middle) center allowing all the ‘feelings’ to emerge around the guidance. Here in the heart womb center, we have an opportunity to let old past feelings of pain and suffering come up to the surface and be dissolved in the pure light of LOVE. Then we can continue to let this essence move into the head womb in order to birth new creative ideas and inspirations for action, all based on the guidance and wisdom from universal source.

As we open up these centers, not only are we able to listening to the source, tune in to our wisdom, feel the unconditional love and bring through ideas and actions that are steeped in the unity consciousness of ONENESS, but opening up these womb centers also creates vibrancy in our health, relationships and all aspects of our lives. It is an aspect of feeling deep happiness and fulfillment as we reconnect with aspects of our being that we have repressed. It’s time to dissolve the hidden doorway of forgetfulness and open up to our full power of the trinity wombs centers within.



Dr. Leonor Murciano


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