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Embodiment of the Feminine Womb; A sign of the times?

Embodiment of the Feminine Womb; A sign of the times?

Have you ever felt a deep sense of peace within yourself, a sense of safety no matter what is happening around you? How about a sense of deep love for yourself and for your body… that stems from the heart and embraces you like a mother holding a child? Have you felt the beautiful light of compassionate LOVE and peace within you emanating towards everyone outside of yourself… as it also embraces you, caringly and warmly like gentle waves of the ocean? If you have you may be feeling some of the aspects of the embodiment of your FEMININE WOMB within your own body.


Unfortunately, most of us women experience quite the opposite; our minds constantly judging or criticizing our bodies and self with feelings of shame, guilt, powerlessness and unworthiness. This is the affect of the disembodiment of our FEMININE WOMB. Of course, for each woman the feeling of this dis-embodiment is something that is unique and may be quite different depending on many factors. Nonetheless, the collective and personal pattern reflects the disembodiment of our own ESSENCE, which is represented in our WOMBs, substituted by an unconscious sense of fear or terror manifesting as anxiety, panic, or a subtle sense of urgency in our lives.  To understand this pattern fully we can look at the energetic template and appreciate its energetic signature and how it affects our mind, body, heart and soul.


First, lets talk a bit about the FEMININE WOMB. I have seen in some women, as well as experienced in myself, an energetic line forming a triangle from the center of our WOMB up towards the right and left side of our Heart center. The line is actually from the left side of the heart to the womb and back to the right side of the heart, connecting horizontally across the heart. The FEMININE WOMB anchors our ESSENCE and acts like a portal from the unseen world to the seen world, the unmanifested source and the manifested world… it is the bridge. It is also the container and vessel for the compassionate LOVE which is the core essence of LIFE itself, showing up as LIFE FORCE within us.   These are all derived from the same thing, the ONE SOURCE, call it GOD, DIVINE, ONENESS, UNIVERSE.


This core quality of Compassionate LOVE is passed on from generation to generation through the FEMININE WOMB; as we give birth to subsequent generations. The WOMB carries this ESSENCE of our being, made manifest. If we step back and witness this core quality of compassionate LOVE, we see that it gives rise and permeates everything in our manifested Universe; the EARTH providing continual nourishment, AIR for breath, WATER to drink, FIRE for activation & differentiation and ETHER for consciousness. From this compassionate LOVE, we are continuously sustained.   This is the core quality of our energetic FEMININE WOMB.


As women, we carry this compassionate LOVE in our physical wombs as well as energetic womb, which allows us to not only create life but also sustain life with our own bodies. The WOMB holds this matrix of LIFE ESSENCE, whether we have a physical womb or not. This is the signature of every human being… our sacred nature of compassionate LOVE, the template of the FEMININE WOMB.


The collective repression of the Feminine in our mass consciousness has led to the disembodiment of this Feminine ESSENCE, leaving us with a residual of fear and terror within our own female bodies. Much of this residual due to our own survival adaption is mainly experienced in the nervous system and the endocrine system: resulting in adrenal fatigue, anxiety, deep unrest, depression, hopelessness and other symptomology. In the energetic body, the subtle body HEART centerline of light on either side is completely disconnected from the womb, and the womb space is submerged in a cloudy veil of calcified imprints, from our past wounds.


Symbolically, the severing of this line between our HEART center and our WOMB represents the disconnection from our sense of who we really are as this vessel of compassionate LOVE and because of this disconnection, we identify with who we think we are, adding imprints doubts and unworthiness to our sense of self, reflected in our SOLAR PLEXUS.


Even though the Feminine Essence is always within us even while its long history of repression, our work remains one of conscious embodiment, where we bring to our consciousness the truth of what we carry in our WOMB and who we are. In the process of embodiment, we realize that our foundation is not fear… it is LOVE. When we restore the LOVE in ourselves, for ourselves and begin to open the compassion towards ourselves, we are able to recognize and embody the SACRED ESSENCE that has been there all along. This is the process of restoring the integrity of our WOMBS and our HEARTS along with all the subtle energy centers.


An integral part of this embodiment is Forgiveness. Why forgiveness we may ask? Well, not because we are wrong but because we have forgotten the TRUTH of our being… the TRUTH of our SACREDNESS… and the TRUTH that is carried in our WOMB. This energetic fingerprint of HOLY COMPASSION, which carries the same root word for womb in Arabic (RHM) is WHO we are, and what we give. If we purify the quality of forgiveness, we are able to see beyond the given conditional imprints of shame and guilt we have associated forgiveness with, and we can see that the light of forgiveness is really an essence of LOVE… it is really as aspect of unconditional love. Therefore, the task is in opening that compassionate LOVE that is imprinted in our WOMBs and letting ourselves be consumed by it, waking us up, so that it can once again be fully consciously embodied in us.


The process of conscious embodiment of the Feminine WOMB is not necessarily a mental one though, it extends much deeper than that. It is not enough to know this in our minds, we must be willing to witness and compassionately embrace the pain, suffering and deep wounds anchored in fear and hopelessness that stand in the way of our sacred ESSENCE. Traveling through these old wounds that live in our bodies with the willingness to surrender to the sacred LIFEFORCE that is underneath it all is the road that leads to rediscovery and embodiment. This is the walking of the Feminine.


Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book ‘Birth of the Conscious Feminine Medicine’ detailing some observations of the healing journey with a patient during a WOMB Unity healing:


“I walked her through it… and held her in Her light… as she walked through the fear pattern in her body… the old PTSD pattern and especially through the pieces of herself that had given up… that wanted out… the ones she hid so deeply even to herself… the one that wanted to die… within… the hopeless one…”


“I could see the beauty in this pattern of such intensity… her body was shaking intensely as it was releasing the old calcified imprints of the past… Her spirit was fully reviving her body where the fear and panic had once taken over. The beauty was in seeing the pattern of fear dissolving into the consciousness of light and LOVE… where it was being embraced by the ESSENCE of LIGHT and no longer needed to command patterns of dysfunction in her body.”


“There is a way in which fear takes space in our bodies and your soul is no longer anchored in your body fully, almost as if one is asleep and not fully present. When we anchor the soul in our WOMBs, we begin to feel the light anchored in our body and our soul settled in our bodies. This is the true embodiment of the FEMININE in our WOMB.”



Embodiment of the Feminine WOMB is a personal journey that most of us have been awakened to and are collectively or personally embarked on. It is important to remember that what one of us is experiencing and waking up to is also what we are doing collectively for our ancestors… for seven generations forward… and for all the women here on the planet now. What we each face in our healings is not just a personal process… but a another piece of the fabric that we are all weaving in the evolution of the Feminine Soul.


Below are some other recommendations of essential oils that assist with the process of fully embodying our Feminine WOMB and anchoring our soul light in our bodies.



  • JASMINE anchors the light of the soul in the WOMB.


  • SPIKENARD activates the light of the soul template in the WOMB.


  • FRANKINCENSE, MYRHH anchors the soul ESSENCE in the kidneys, adrenals and ROOT center.


  • ROSE, NEROLI anchors the light of the soul in the HEART center.



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