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The EMPOWERED You Would Not Change a Thing in your LIFE.

The EMPOWERED You Would Not Change a Thing in your LIFE.


I was recently reflecting on a question that I read somewhere about what limiting thoughts, beliefs or recurring story keeps me from moving toward becoming who I already am in essence? I immediately felt resistance to the question itself; somehow I thought that it subtly suggested that my present moment wasn’t good enough and there was something wrong with it. Somehow it suggested that my happiness was in the future.


Of course like most people I could dip into the endless desires of things that I need to change or behaviors I could improve upon… and even more, I could personally easily fall into the critical mindset of self blame and futuristic wishful expectations of “only when” I change A-B-C will things be good in my life. This is definitely a slippery slope for me.


But after giving it much thought what I realized is that it is really easy for me to go into these places in my heart and convince myself of yet another thing that needs to be perfected and let dissatisfaction rule me emotionally. My desires of things to be easy… or simple… or loving… or joyful are always there… who doesn’t want things to be delightful all the time?


And yet there is something deeper underlining those desires of my heart that is even truer for me. I realize that my story is perfect in this moment and every moment; every illusion, every heartache, every loveless moment, every abandonment, every fear as well as every defeat is perfect. Every disappointment, every ounce of resistance and frustration  that created the moment I am now in is actually perfect. And I don’t say this in a dismissive way, but in reality my story with all of its ups and downs has strengthened me, expanded my perseverance, brought me to value the deeper gifts of my heart; love, mercy, forgiveness and peace. It has given me the courage to explore emotional, physical and spiritual territories I would have never dared to trespass.


Through the absence of these qualities in my life challenges,  I have committed to the search and finally reached the destination of unveiling the true jewels within my heart… and within human kind.  And through this journey,  I have realized that this moment and every moment, the universe is presenting exactly what I need to evolve… to expand to a greater capacity that I would have ever chosen for myself. I trust that Life is presenting me with what I need in every single moment and constantly loving me as if I was being held in the arms of the Great Mother.


So, if I were to change anything about my story it would be to remember the value of the story itself… and to never forget that each thought, belief and experience that I have is perfect because it brings forth the expanded consciousness for the next moment… and the next moment. The paradox is in this secret… ‘that each moment continues to shift and change into the next moment as we continue to evolve and yet each moment in itself is perfect… exactly what we needed for the next moment to be possible.’ !



Dr. Murciano is the founder of Conscious Feminine School of WISDOM MEDICINE & Nourishing Women, author of Feminine Wisdom; Rise of a New Creation, and creator of Conscious Feminine Medicine- helping women change the collective story of the Feminine, weaving Feminine Spirituality with Medicine.
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