Communion with the Mother - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Communion with the Mother

Communion with the Mother

In the beginning of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, the completion to our first week long, Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing & Embodiment retreat was upon us… and the Mother has showered us with gifts of Her season; Joy, beauty, full bloom and communion with Her nature.

This was a small, intimate retreat for six beautiful women, deep in the mountains of North Carolina, where we laughed, prayed, cried and humbly confronted the pain in our hearts, in order to awaken to the true power of our Feminine Soul. However, even though this was officially their retreat, I was gifted with the awe and magnificence of the Feminine, in her full blossom.

The Mother showed up in each participant… holding Her limitless field of Love. As each one shared the struggles of their heart, the limitless Love of the Ocean Mother was palpable, washing away their pain, one by one. As quickly as the desonance was voiced… Her rays of light came through, as if She had been waiting there all along for them to be willing to open their hearts and say Yes to Her limitless compassion and mercy.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. ~ Rumi

As I prepared the days of the retreat, leaving room for the breath of the Feminine to transform and heal, I felt the deep safety of the Dark Moon Mother, weaving the fabric of trust in our hearts, helping us surrender to the unknown of all possibilities… while making space to birth something new through each person.

My heart has grown in the last few days, as I have come away with a deeper understanding of the matrix of the Feminine that is always at play, whether we are aware of it or not. I can see how, even in the midst of our uncertainty, our struggle and our darkest thoughts, how She is holding us, breathing us, waiting for us to surrender into Her Love. Each day I felt the great hand of the Mother directing every word, every action and every moment, with Her limitless love, compassion and kindness, regardless of our own limitations of trust.

As I settled into the Feminine’s unique rhythm of the retreat, I was clearly shown how we are the ones that consistently get in the way of our own happiness. How easy it is to get tied up in the maya ( field) of our own illusive perceptual reality… to believe the limitations of our ingrained thought patterns, to project our own emotions onto others, to subtly and not so subtly, blame others for our own misery, when the truth is that the medicine we all need… is within.

You are the medicine…

Is was easy to see the wholeness in each person… even though I know it is challenging to feel our own beauty, love, and Essence. It takes time, patience, introspection, reflection and surrender to dissolve the separate parts of ourselves and fall into the arms of the One. It can be challenging to surrender our defenses, our unconscious conditioning patterns and our internalized fear, shame and powerlessness, and yet… all we have to say is Yes, and She floods our heart with the Love of our Essence.

There, in our Essence, we find that we are not separate from Her. She and You are one, you are made of the same fabric as Her (Divine). There, what you find is that She is always holding you, loving you and breathing you, regardless of whether you are aware of Her or not. There is no separation, but we don’t get to see that unless we surrender, and move through the doors of the unknown where we first encounter fear, grief, hopelessness and all our unresolved feelings awaiting us. And here is where She makes Herself known as Love, and magically alchemizes the wounds of our past that has kept us feeling separate.

Last week 6 brave women joined me in a journey of sacred transformation.  There we laughed, we cried, we resisted and we surrendered. They each walked away with a profound new experinece of their sacredness, their truth, and their signature embodiment of their Feminine Soul.

Six women came looking for the medicine to heal their body, heart and soul, and found that they are the Medicine, that they have been looking for. I, on the other hand, received the greatest gift of all, I got to see the unique and infinite ways in which the Feminine is woven into every aspect of our Being… I awaken to a deeper reverence and communion with the Mother… in nature, in each heart and in myself.

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