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Restoring our Rhythm thru the Embodiment of 5 UNIVERSAL MOTHERS

So much destruction all around us !
With so much going on… it is challenging to remember that we are in the age of Aquarius…  meaning that there really is a new creation that is happening simultaneously, along with the devastation and chaos we see around us.
As I awoke from the second day of hurricane inundated crisis in my South Florida home, I realized the practices I had been given last year for Mother Earth GAIA and HER 5 elemental expressions of the UNIVERSAL MOTHERS… were needed right now.  I didn’t question the DIVINE, when I received these practices directly in my meditation, last year.  I knew there would be a time when they would come in handy….  well now is the TIME and I want to share it all with you!
I know must of us are speaking about the sense of havoc… and have been, more intensely since NOVEMBER of last year… where we feel the sense of chaos… devastation… and hopelessness stronger than we have ever felt it before.
We all know the saying, its darkest right before the light… and to me, that hasn’t felt more true than at this time.  It’s not just because we were in a hurricane this past week, or because we just experienced two, rather destructive hurricanes in our homeland… in the past couple of weeks. No, the feeling of devastation and utter falling apart, is everywhere, from government to politics, from fires to hurricanes, from earthquakes to bombings.  It’s a GLOBAL event… everywhere!
And so, yes, while that is happening on one level, we can feel that reality and know it is here.  And there is another reality afoot; a new creation being created from something new, as the old crumbles. I believe it is up to us, those that can and are willing, to hold the image of the new reality that is happening in the subtle fields, as the NEW EARTH is being created.
Albert Einstein said ” We can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.  And so, here is the key… there has to be a new consciousness to create a NEW EARTH.  As we experience the devastation, the deaths, the chaos, we also see the seeds of community, of compassion, of love, moving through the people and we see the lines that divide us melting away.  We see people helping people, regardless of color, race or ideology, and people putting people first, rather than money, or possessions.
So, those of us that can hold the vision and feel the light of LOVE and COMPASSION that is coming into the world right now… as things fall apart,are doing a great service on the PLANET.  And we can go one step further and help Mother Earth restore HER rhythm and hold the vision together with her.
We are needed now… those of us that feel called to ushering the consciousness of ONENESS and LOVE on the planet.  We are the ones we have been waiting for… and part of our responsibility is to hold the vision and help stabilize the light within ourselves, our community, our loved ones and PLANET GAIA. And so in doing so, I am excited to share the practices of the PLANET GAIA & the 5 UNIVERSAL MOTHERS with all of you.


Therefore, I have created a FREE event on September 23rd, for all of us to join forces with PLANET GAIA, in order to facilitate the transformation of these energies and help birth the LOVE, FREEDOM & JUSTICE vibration on the planet. We will jointly connect with GAIA, and participate in the healing and restoration of the rhythm within ourselves and the EARTH.

There will be a follow up 5 week program that will be a PAY as you CAN, so that those that are feeling the call to join in this 5 week program, do not get held back due to our financial situation in the moment.  The program is made available to all.
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