Conscious Feminine in Pisces New Moon - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Conscious Feminine in Pisces New Moon

— Conscious Feminine in Pisces New Moon

Today  Mar.06, 2019, is the New Moon in Pisces… and we have an opportunity to explore how the influences of this new moon in Pisces is activating the Conscious Feminine in all of us.   How can we empower and embody more of the Conscious Feminine during this Pisces New Moon? What lunar frequencies are available for us to evolve our Feminine Soul during this very neptunian Moon?

The Conscious Feminine in Pisces has the opportunity to come into deeper Union… to connect with Her Essence and to become aware of the Oneness of life, through Her being. In this watery sign of Pisces…  the well of deep compassion is rising strongly from Her womb… and She becomes aware of how compassion is seeded in each soul… being passed on from generation to generation… awaiting the activation within each person’s heart.

 In this recognition, She can tune into the depth of Her intuition… and readily receive the wisdom that arises from Her soul.  Simultaneously, as Her emotions and soul connection is amplified, She has to exercise discernment from falling prey to the the veils of suffering in the victim mentality of the Feminine, which has affected us all.  This is the time of transcending those patterns of past suffering, clearing the shame and self-blame that has been embedded in our conditioning patterns and moving into joy and peace, living in honor of the sacredness of oneness that resides at our core. 

The Pisces New Moon, brings us the ability to surrender… and reestablish the trust with the undercurrents of Source, Herself. It begs us the question… ‘can we allow ourselves to merge with the great mystery… relying on Oneness to sustains us… to nurture us… and to love us… no matter what the circumstances may look like? Can we move past our own perceptions of limitation and suffering… into the generosity of the Great Source of Life, Herself? Can we awaken each day to the abundance that surrounds us… allowing gratitude to expand our heart… and thus our consciousness?

In this Pisces New Moon, the Conscious Feminine wants you to feel empowered… as you recognize the sacredness of your being and even more important as you recognize that every physical form is established in the spiritual… therefore, being sacred as well. This is an opportunity to dissolve the lines of your perception of what is sacred and what is not… and find the sacredness in your own heart… through out your entire Being; in your body… in your emotions… in your thoughts… and in all that appears mundane.

And last but not least, this New Moon in Pisces is the biggest portal for allowing Forgiveness to flourish in your heart… washing away the wounds of the past. Realizing that holding on to our wounds and resentments keeps us stuck in pain and limits the love that our hearts can recieve. Essentially we are love… we are the Essence… that is the Creation of life itself; forgiving the past allows us to open to the source of love to heal our hearts. We can simply bring love into our wounds… and allow ourselves to move from victim and suffering to empowered and full embodiment of the Feminine. After all, the Feminine is an aspect of ourselves… that is awaiting our acknowledgement to move through you… to be embodied and to be birthed into this dimension. You are the expresion of the Conscious Feminine… and within you… you carry the medicine of healing, sacred Power and deep union with Oneness!

Love & Light,

Leonor Nura Murciano-Luna

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