Creating Consciousness in 2017 thru VISCERAL EMBODIMENT
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Birthing CONSCIOUSNESS in 2017

Birthing CONSCIOUSNESS in 2017

 ” When there is a huge gravitational pull towards unconsciousness, our job is to stay CONSCIOUS… and you experience whatever unfolds in the world with a degree of detachment, it doesn’t draw you in completely and if it does draw you in completely you have lost yourself, you have become unconscious!”  ~Eckhart Tolle

I heard this statement from Eckhart Tolle recently, in his monthly meditation… and while I think its spot on… I feel its also a slippery slope to stay conscious throughout the myriad of anger… rage… injustice and all other feelings one may be experiencing during these times.


So how do we stay CONSCIOUS in the turmoil of our outer world?

I originally had prepared an article around the WINTER season and our need to stay inward and open up our VISCERAL WISDOM as our center of knowing.  But I couldn’t resist the need to add these words of wisdom from Eckhart Tolle because I feel it is so key…  given the political weather. But what I realized is that this article is exactly about staying CONSCIOUS… or opening ourselves to becoming more CONSCIOUS through our body center, our VISCERAL EMBODIMENT.


As we begin this year anew, after the mad rush of the holidays… I want to remind everyone that even though you typically set goals right away and are encouraged to hit the floor running with the first day of the NEW YEAR, we are still in the WINTER SEASON the most internal time of year.


Given that it is the most internal time of the year… according the the greater cycles of life… perhaps you are feeling a bit of resistance to ‘getting on with business’ as usual ?  What if we turned inward instead of outward… this year… and dared to do something different?


What if we could recapture our sense of JOY…. BLISS… SENSUALITY… INTIMACY…. no we are not necessarily talking about sex… but a different way of experiencing life that included a more embodied experience… rather than seeking that fulfillment in our outer world, only through our goals?


Perhaps some of us are feeling the yearning to disconnect and get a bigger break than what the holidays offered us. Perhaps we are feeling a bit worn still from the previous year. If you are feeling this way… perhaps you are already listening to the whispers in your body…  which is informing you at every moment what you need and in what direction to go.  


As women we have disconnected ourselves from the greater cycle of life, which can only be felt through our bodies. We may see these cycles in nature… the natural elements all around us… but in many ways, we have shut down that recognition in our bodies. Our minds may have crafted this time of year for starting anew… but in attunement with our bodies, we may be feeling the inward pull and a greater need for deep nourishment during this season.


So why not allow yourself to completely unwind before you create a new agenda for yourself, allowing your mind, body, adrenals, nervous system, and all others systems in your body to deeply receive what they need before you set yourself up in the rat race of a new year of accomplishment. In actuality letting go completely the internal impulse allows your BODY~HEART~SOUL to recalibrate and release old tension… unnecessary baggage… so that you can give birth to something completely new.


What if I don’t know what I need?


If you don’t know what you need then you are in perfect alignment with this season, because not knowing is a great part of letting go… and letting something new be created.   Letting yourself be in that space of not knowing… allows something new to be born from that ESSENCE deep in your soul. But you have to move into not knowing first… because that is the only way to connect with the greater dimension of spirit… if you stay in your knowing (which involves your thoughts) you don’t allow the opening for something new to arise. 


All fulfillment comes from our inner awakened state of consciousness!

Our outer goals and accomplishments are great… but they don’t really fulfill us in the deepest place of our heart and soul. So until we realize that no matter how much we accomplish out there, what we are really longing for doesn’t come from outer accomplishments.  Our deepest fulfillment comes from inner intimacy with ourselves and an inner awakened state of consciousness, which happens in our BODY, through what I call VISCERAL EMBODIMENT and VISCERAL WISDOM.


So this year I invite you to make VISCERAL WISDOM your guiding principle… the awakening  of the sensations and wisdom that can be felt in your BODY, including the joy, bliss, sensuality and intimacy. I invite you to change your orientation from creating only outer goals dictated by your mind… to inward discovery of the greatest tool you have for your SOUL; your BODY.

Your Body is the VESSEL that houses your SOUL… and you can open yourself up to this dimension, to feel the ESSENCE of your life-force moving through you at any time, guiding you by what FEELS right.


This year lets give birth to CONSCIOUSNESS… through the process of VISCERAL EMBODIMENT … where we are conscious of how life FEELS in our BODY.  Let your senses awaken to this BLISSFUL… SENSUAL… INTIMACY within you.  Let yourself awaken to the JOY that can be felt in your BODY, by connecting to the life force that is moving through you as CONSCIOUSNESS… at all times.


Our bodies are the vessel for our SOUL expression… and our sensory experience helps us navigate this world…  through our 3 TRINITY WOMBS:  SACRAL~HEART~HEAD.  When we experience ourselves in this way… we are then open to being the vessel to give birth to something new…  that is birthed from a place of WISDOM within us… rather than from our mental thoughts alone.


Lets birth Consciousness throughout 2017… as the unconsciousness of the WORLD continues to rise.  Use this WINTER retreating time to hone in and explore the magic that is in your own body… and awaken your body to its greatest potential of gnosis.  It is a critical time in the world… but it can also serve as the perfect opportunity to discover your greatest potential! 







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  • Awesome article! This really encompasses so much wisdom as to how to navigate from a whole and integrated place. I always feel more complete and my life flows with so much more ease and joy, when I am regularly engaged in a belly dance class or some form of joyful movement. Thank you for the reminder and confirmation!

    January 18, 2017 at 2:03 pm