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Join the Global Feminine Sisterhood

Conscious Feminine Sisterhood

As a woman and a healer, I  feel a deep need to share the inner soul secrets of happiness, healing and health with all the women in the world.   From this deep desire… ‘Conscious Feminine Medicine’ was born; a new body of work birthed from the 30 years of working with patients and of my own spiritual and health crisis.

My dream is to create consciousness and resurrect the Feminine Soul in women all around the world, thus bringing healing to the spirit of humanity. By reawakening the collective and personal Feminine within, women can restore the disconnection from their divine nature that has caused so much suffering in their hearts and in their bodies.

This repression of the Feminine Soul, for the last 5000 years, has caused great dissatisfaction within ourselves, disrupting our endocrine system and manifesting as anxiety, depression, thyroid reproductive, infertility, auto-immune and even cancer. This is what I am calling ‘1st World Feminine Disorders’ which I attribute to this very disconnection. Once we restore our awareness of our true divine nature, we are able to recalibrate the body and experience deep happiness, healing and health on all levels.


Join me in a global movement of resurrecting the Feminine Soul!

I have started a global movement of the Conscious Feminine Sisterhood
in which we can come together as healers and in service to the Divine Essence within, to restore the Feminine Soul within every women. I know you are doing this already in your work or in your hearts, so lets come together, join forces and expand this effort globally.


How do we spread the word?

Here’s how it works; In order to spread the word to all women, I am offering FREE monthly activations, Conscious Feminine Blueprint Activations, online, which is a 90 min meditation and transmission where by we activate the template of the Conscious Feminine within… focusing on particular aspects every month in order to heal and transmute everything that stands in the way of resurrecting our sacredness and power in the Divine Feminine.

All you have to do is spread the word to every woman you know… either through your mailing list, social media or personal friends and associations… so that all women will have access to the FREE activations every month.   In return I would love to add your name/website URL on our Conscious Feminine Medicine Global page as resources for women to search for offerings that are committed to anchoring the Conscious Feminine light on our planet.  So that each woman that visits our website will have a link to your website and information.  Plus we will be implementing an affiliate program in the future, as well.


Let’s join forces- the whole is much greater than its parts!

Together we can resurrect the Feminine Soul within every woman and in our planet. Lets join forces and activate her blueprint within us. We cannot do it alone!


I am ready to share the inner secrets of our Essence with every woman that I know!

If this resonates with your heart, join the movement.

Join the Movement


Sincere thank you… and many blessings !

I am honored that you have chosen to join forces and help change the collective and personal journey of the Feminine soul, in each and every one of us… as women… and on our planet.  I can’t tell you how much it excites me to think of us coming together and anchoring this vibration of holiness and sacredness for all the women and the planet. Thank you sincerely!


Dr. Leonor Murciano