Conscious Feminine Medicine Global - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Conscious Feminine Medicine Global

Conscious Feminine Medicine Sisterhood…

Who are they?

There are many women/ healers/ practitioners/ teachers/ artists/ dancers/ authors/mothers/ grandmothers and more, around the world with a deep desire to bring forth the light and vibration of the Feminine Soul at this time.  This is what the Conscious Feminine Sisterhood has in common.  In their own unique ways, each and everyone person/entity below is in service to the evolution of the Feminine Soul.  Explore their many gifts below…


Conscious Feminine Sisters



Join the Global Movement of Conscious Feminine Sisterhood

Want to join the Global Movement to anchor the light of the Feminine Soul within women and the rest of the world?

Its FREE and while you are helping to anchor this light for all the women globally they are also getting to know you!  Join the Conscious Feminine Sisterhood HERE.