Work with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Work with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna prednisone dosage shoulder bursitis cialis ile ar kesici sabotage movie review anthropology honors thesis berkeley los algodones purple pharmacy prices ethics thesis statement examples cenobites female viagra click here hu berlin dissertation vorlage latex sample college application essays leadership ib history extended essay criteria follow negative effects of internet essay essays of short stories pastiglie blu viagra side los capos de mexico el club del viagra go to link german translation dissertation common app essay length 2016 creative writing short course essay ideas for the road antibakteri herbal viagra michelle perino viagra, nexium side effects in dental conclude literary analysis essay follow site essay on current indian politics Dr. Murciano-Luna is a Spiritual Healer/ Mentor, Quantum Medicine doctor, Writer & Artist, offering a wealth of knowledge and embodiment practices to awaken you to the true medicine of your being; your inherent sacred reality. With Dr. Murciano you have the benefits of having an integrative doctor that can naturally treat the physical body while also bridging the soul level transformation of your being, where the dysfunction begins. This unparalleled combination of Quantum Integrative Medicine, Soul Healing & Feminine Mystical approach enables you to experience radical new levels of healing and consciousness… in your body, mind and heart… all deriving from true transformation at the soul level. The teachings and embodied practices of Conscious Feminine Medicine enable you to truly embody your highest level of  Spiritual Essence Light, while healing on all levels along the way, and embodying your sacredness in your physical body.  Nothing is left out… you are sacred on all levels…. the formlessness of your Consciousness and the form of your body.
Dr. Murciano-Luna has spent her whole life immersed in the birthing of these principles… learning, embodying and receiving the direct transmission of this body of work she now offers as Conscious Feminine Medicine. There are several ways to learn and engage in the Conscious Feminine Medicine teachings and embodied practices and work with Dr. Murciano-Luna, directly.  Here’s how…
Free Resources & Other Options


Conscious Feminine Medicine offers a large array of videos on CFM teachings and Embodied practices, featuring Dr. Murciano on our YOU-TUBE CHANNEL.
These videos are updated frequently with current information and practices that are relative to our personal lives and to the unfolding of the Conscious Feminine Medicine teachings. Listen here, engage in a meditation, somatic embodiment and receive the transmissions now available, from the Feminine.

Birth of the Conscious Feminine- Book by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Birth of the Conscious Feminine ~ a new era of Feminine Sovereignty, book by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.
Birth of the Conscious Feminine offers women a NEW path forward and acts as a guide to help women reclaim their Feminine sovereignty, consciously. Through the Sacred Initiations of the Feminine, you enter a journey that unveils the great, sacred mystery that lives within you and helps you to break free from collective wounds of the past, and patterns that keep your true Essence hidden. Furthermore, Dr. Murciano guides us to gently drop into the ecstatic, unrelenting love of the Great Mother, where you awaken to your own magnificence, sacred power and true medicine. Birth of the Conscious Feminine proposes a transformational healing map for women, that weaves together ancient healing traditions, pre-Daoist, Vedic, Sufi teachings, esoteric knowledge, Quantum science, somatic practices and presence within a Feminine paradigm of the Great Mother.  Purchase book HERE>.

Evolution of the Feminine Soul – BOOK by Leonor Murciano-Luna 

Evolution of the Feminine Soul ~a 30 day lunar journal for women awakening to the Feminine, book by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.
We are poised at the edge of a new wave that is sweeping the world. This is the wave of the Feminine, and She is being birthed through you! The ‘Evolution of the Feminine Soul, ~transformational journal for women awakening to the Feminine’ offers us as women, an opportunity to consciously explore the rise of the Feminine and reclaim our forgotten Truth. Every day, during the 30 days of the Moon’s cycle, you will explore the principles of the Feminine, through the 13 pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine.  Purchase journal book HERE>. 
Group & Community Programs

Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing Transmissions

This is the time of Great Awakening… the time that has been predicted throughout all the ages. Here, as women, we are coming together, and feeling… transforming… and embodying our great Essence. We all need the support, especially during these times… and here, weekly, we will explore new ways in which we can develop a deeper relationship with our Feminine Essence and strengthen our ability to anchor in our Sacredness. These weekly feminine gathering is designed to receive healing transmissions and experience embodied heart and soul centered somatic practices during this time of Great Awakening. All sessions are based on the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine, and the book “Birth of the Conscious Feminine: new era of  Feminine Sovereignty” by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.  Group meets on Wednesday morning… registration pay by the Heart $0-75.00 monthly fee. Information HERE>.

Healing the Healers Transformational Women’s Group

By invitation only… Work in this intimate group setting with 9-12 women… in a deep personal exploration of living the Conscious Feminine Medicine principles in your life.  All group meetings are online via ZOOM. $190.00 monthly fee. For inquires, contact Dr. Murciano personally HERE>.

1 day ONLINE Healing Retreat

Our CFM online 1 day retreat, from the comfort of your home.  A CFM retreat that allows You to explore the Essence of Your Being… the relationship with Your Self… to dissolve the collective & personal Feminine Wounds… to cultivate Your relationship with Universal Mother & Divine Feminine & ultimately to awaken to the truth that YOU ARE THE MEDICINE!
Our CFM 1 day retreat is designed to assist you in awakening, transforming and embodying your brilliant Essence and release the unconscious internal patterns that keep You (and women) in perpetual pain and suffering.  Scheduled a few times a year. Retreat pay by the Heart range $45-199.00 Inquire HERE>

CFM (women only) 5 Day Healing Immersion Retreat.

Imagine 5 Days immersed in a sacred healing environment with a group of women supporting each other, with the same focus of healing, transforming and embodying their magnificence. Next Immersion coming soon… Late Fall 2020. TBA
Individual Personal Coaching, Healing & Counseling

Soma Presencing Healing Session

Soma Presencing Healing Session is a 90 min somatic healing process, pioneered by Dr.Leonor Murciano-Luna, designed to address, transform and embody the deeper core soul wounding that we carry personally and collectively as women. These sessions are individually guided and also address the disconnection that women have endured from their Sacred Feminine Essence.   If you are interested in working directly with Dr. Murciano-Luna to address your soul’ evolution, Soma Presencing might be a good fit.  Individual sessions 90 minutes $225.00, packages range from $864  – 2560.00.  Info HERE>

Conscious Feminine Coaching Session

Engage in a 60 min. private healing coaching counseling session with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, that weaves in the psycho-spiritual of Conscious Feminine Medicine, while allowing us to voice and express our emotional body in its fullest, and reflecting Astro wisdom to understand the patterns and processes you are being faced with.  The purpose is in having a sacred space to explore deep seated fears, grief, pain and challenges that arise in our hearts and I our lives, with the emphasis on healing on all levels.  The Conscious Feminine coaching sessions incorporates psychological, spiritual and emotional wisdom with cosmic wisdom… leading you the deep transformation of your pain.  Conscious Feminine Coaching Sessions can be done individually to gain a greater look at our astrological affects that correspond with our present challenges… or can be done for ongoing support. Individual sessions $198.00 60 min. Packages available upon request. If you are interested you can book a 30 min FREE ASSESSMENT SESSION with Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna to discuss your needs further… or directly book your CF Coaching session HERE>
Mentorship Programs

Mentorship Program

Individual personalized 3, 6 & 9 month programs, designed especially for your personal evolutionary growth and healing. Contact Dr. Murciano-Luna directly HERE>
CFM Certification Programs

Conscious Feminine Medicine Certification Programs

CFM1, CFM2 & CFM3 by School of Conscious Feminine Medicine. Visit the School of Conscious Feminine Medicine…  HERE>
Consider a Free Assessment with Dr. Murciano-Luna
Now… you have read our website… and visited my You Tube channel… and maybe even read one of my books…
But maybe you are not exactly sure how to proceed on your Spiritual Journey…
Start by booking a free Assessment session with me, Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna… and explore what your needs are… and what options might be a good fit for your Feminine Evolution at this time. I offer a few of these every month… so book your appointment directly HERE>.