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Changing the Collective story of WOMEN is Happening !

Changing the Collective story of WOMEN is Happening !


While it is true that the women’s revolution of the 60’s got us into the workplace, it is real evident the greatest challenge for women is still lurking in the shadows, behind closed doors.  But thanks to the courageous women, that have not been suppressed by fear, the doors to the collective story of repression have been opened!


A culture of ‘overpowering women by inducing fear and control’…

We would all agree that many women in the west have far greater freedoms than women in the rest of the world… and yet we have been witnessing, the astounding degree to which the collective mindset of ‘overpowering women by inducing fear and control through sexuality’, is still overtly operating in our culture.


In the last few months, we have been privy to the actual unraveling of what women have been enduring in our culture and specifically in the workplace. What many of us have known is now out for all to see.  The freedom that we have enjoyed has been lined with secret control through fear, powerless and shame that continue to linger unconsciously in a society that isn’t yet fully invested in honoring Feminine qualities.


This barrage of events that have been unfolding in the media, for all of us to witness have triggered the countless events and uncomfortable scenarios that many of us have personally experienced in order to be accepted into a male dominated workplace… and world. Instead of forgetting and putting this behind us… for many, our old buried experiences have come to the surface making us feel the anxieties and lack of safety of all too present, past. We realize these  experiences are still very present in our body/mind.


No room for continued negation of the repression of women and misogyny of a culture…

In many ways, while uncomfortable, the national exposition of these events allows us all to finally stop negating the truth and occurrence of these events.  We no longer have to hide these old wounds and repress the emotional trauma that did not have an opportunity to be spoken, witnessed and heard.  Because speaking about these incidents might have caused more shaming, fear and outer judgment; many women have, till now, repressed these into the recesses of our body/mind and closed our own door to that part of ourselves.


We of course naturally opted for suppressing these, because it is all too easy to allow these past experiences to cloud our judgment of right or wrong, make us feel shameful, cause us to be hypervigilant of how we look and infuse a constant critique of our own appropriateness and guilt for fear of being blamed or punished for other’s behavior.  It is easy to feel wrong in a culture that constantly and yet subtlety continues to paint a picture of inferiority for women, in the work place, in the media, and in life overall.


But the truth is that, storing these away in our body/mind, doesn’t really make them go away and we have all been living with the fall out of these injustices within us.  These collective attitudes and our own personal experience of them shame us, subtly affect what we say or do, and more importantly play a deteriorating role in our bio-chemistry. There is a way in which our hormones and the bio-chemicals in our body are affected through what we are holding emotionally, and these hidden traumas, are no exception.


The silver lining is that we don’t have to repress anymore… we get to change the narrative by speaking truth…

So here is the good news, while it is painful to witness the events and relive these experiences within yourself, it is also an extraordinary opportunity for us to transform our own places of shame with our sexuality, our bodies and as women.  And as importantly, we can allow ourselves to see the deeper connection with imbalances in our body… concerning our reproductive system, and that which makes our bodies particularly Feminine.


As we face our wounded self, we restore our own integrity and reclaim our sense of wholeness. 

There is an opportunity right now, for all of us to change the collective story of the Feminine within ourselves and within the planet.  The old collective story of the Feminine is about making those Feminine qualities such as our emotional intelligence, our intuitive abilities, our sensitives, our prioritizing compassion over reasoning, wrong.  And the fact is both men and women have these Feminine Qualities, but women have been made wrong and taken advantage of for a very long time in our culture due to our inherent Feminine qualities.


Changing the collective story of the Feminine in women, is about honoring our own sensitives, emotional intelligence, intuitive abilities and allowing ourselves to clear any shame, judgment or unworthiness we may have integrated unconsciously around being a woman.  This opportunity of facing and transforming these traumas around predatory sexual behavior from others, is an invaluable step in changing the collective story for ourselves and all other women.


Take this opportunity to clear that shame within you that arise as you here the pain of others coming forward.   Welcome the disowned feelings of fear, inadequacy, shame and inappropriate responsibility that may continue to keep you down, keep you in fear of speaking your truth and feeling unworthy in some respect.  And as these feelings surface, let yourself be present with them, breathing through them… remembering that our most important responsibility is to honor our selves, clear of shame, unworthiness and fear.


Be compassion with yourself, because sometimes allowing these old traumas to surface can be tricky, so make sure you are well supported by those that are not judgmental and that you can genuinely feel unconditional love from.  And of-course seek emotional, psychological or spiritual support from professionals that can move you through the challenges of any traumatic event.


We may not have control over the things that happen to us… but we have control over the meaning that we give it… 

We have full control of the meaning we give these painful experiences in our lives… we do not have to be victims.  Yes unfortunate things happen… and through the process of healing we can simultaneously place the shame directly where it belongs, with the perpetrator.   Taking responsibility for our old wounds by being acknowledging the pain, is the greatest way to heal from the experiences in our lives that have caused us suffering, and it is how each one of us is changing the collective story of the Feminine.  In doing so we are shifting the consciousness and infusing the  our inner values of love, compassion, peace and freedom for all, into our World !


Love and Light,

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is the founder of School of Conscious Feminine Medicine and Nourishing Women in South Florida. USA.  She is an Integrative Body/Mind doctor, Acupuncture physician, spiritual Healer, Teacher and Writer.  She has spent most of her life focused on healing the split women carry of Body/Mind/Soul , helping us all embody the greater evolution of the Feminine Soul, within ourselves and the planet.  Through the Healership School and privately, Luna offers online program, mentorships and personal healing sessions to find just the right medicine for you! For a private Feminine Medicine break thru, book your online session here.



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