The Feminine Path APP - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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The Feminine Path APP

The Feminine Path… is Here!

~a spiritual healing, empowerment, mystery program for women!

The Feminine Path… is a spiritual empowerment and healing path made by women for women… through which women can heal… & reclaim your sacred power !

The Feminine Path is part of our Feminine Mystery Healing School, full of esoteric and forgotten, hidden, Feminine teachings, that are ready to become knowable at this auspicious time and age!

The Feminine Path… is an accessible webpage app that is FREE to everyone woman… providing embodied daily practices that allow us to remember our truth as women!

The Feminine Path… offers deep transformational materials and practices… which you can purchase individually, one at a time, as you grow and evolve your Feminine Powers. paid programs directly on our web app, which you can download, one at a time, as you are ready… and at your pace.

The Feminine Path contains…

along with…

along with special seasonal and lunar cycle FEMININE MYSTERIES teachings, each here to ACTIVATE the WISDOM within YOU!

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Discover the 13 Pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine… on the Feminine Path web app…

13 Pillars of Conscious Feminine Medicine

You are Divine

You are the Medicine

Women are Healers

Your Trinity Womb

Your Sacred Feminine Form

Healing the 3 Collective Wounds of the Feminine; Powerlessness… Shame… Abandonment

Transforming 1st world Feminine Disorders

The Biochemistry of Consciousness

The 5 Universal Mothers

Embracing Evolutionary Activations

Conscious of Movement in Stillness

The 5 Sacred Initiations of the Feminine

Awakening to Oneness Realization

Begin your Feminine Revolutionary Journey today…

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