Retreats - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Evolution of Your Feminine Soul

Healing Retreats… 

A four or five-day retreat that allows You to discover the…

Essence of Your Being… 

Relationship with Your Self…

Dissolve the collective & personal Feminine Wounds…

Cultivate Your relationship with Universal Mother & Divine Feminine


Ultimately awaken to the truth that


You are the Medicine!

The Evolution of the Feminine Soul retreat is designed to

awaken, transform and embody

your brilliant Essence and

release the unconscious internalized patterns that keep

You (and women) in perpetual pain and suffering.


As I sit in contemplation,
I travel into the Gates of the Unknown.
Inquisitvely, I explore the prohibitive dark path of the Hidden.
I stumble upon the Light of my existence.
Here, I enter the Womb of Dissolution and find the birth place of Separation.
I enter cautiously and I am pleasantly greeted by the
Queendom of Heaven, within.
I find the light of my existence dissolving into the
Ocean of Pre-existence.
Here, my Soul rests, expands and renews and there is No-Separation.
My Soul is Her Soul,
where manifested consciousness merges with unmanifested consciousness.
I have been absorbed into the Essence of my Being, becoming No-Thing.
I rest, I expand and I dissolve and there is No-I.
Then it is time and She returns me…
Breathing through me the lost wisdom of Her Mystery.

~Leonor Murciano-Luna

A limited number of women, application necessary, location to be announced.

Next one: February 2020

Cost: To be announced.

Location: To be announced.

Healing and reflective practices by Dr. Leonor Murciano. Retreat will include but not limited to… Somatic embodied meditations, Stillness in Movement practices, Integrative group Acupuncture, Group processing, Sharing, Journaling practices, Self-reflection, CFM activations, Sufi night retreat, Fire Dancing drumming, Soul Retrieval, and other cultivation transformational practices.

Schedule a complimentary session with Dr. Murciano to see if you are a candidate for the CFM retreat.