1 DAY ONLINE CFM FEMININE SOUL Retreats for Women - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Evolution of Your Feminine Soul

1 Day Retreats… 


A CFM retreat that allows You to discover the…

Essence of Your Being… 

Relationship with Your Self…

Dissolve the collective & personal Feminine Wounds…

Cultivate Your relationship with Universal Mother & Divine Feminine Ultimately awaken to the truth that

You are the Medicine!

The Evolution of the Feminine Soul retreat is designed to

awaken, transform and embody

your brilliant Essence and release the unconscious internal

that keep You (and women) in perpetual pain and suffering.


CFM  offers 1 day ONLINE Retreats for women… from the comfort of your home, with varying themes to reclaim, restore and regenerate the Conscious Feminine within you!  

As  we enter into the new cycle of the Feminine, we have an opportunity to reclaim the aspects of our Feminine Soul, that have been repressed and lost, and that contain our SUPER-POWERS.   The problem is that we do not have any real images or consciousness of the Feminine because for generations we have been raised in the absence of the Mother, with only male images of the Divine. This painful reality has left us with a void… and a deep disconnection from our soul.  What does the Feminine look like, what does She bring to us ? How am I made in the image of Her… how can I embody these qualities of  the Feminine?  After searching and exploring the answers to the these questions and deconstructing my own unconscious patriarchal imprints, She arose in my consciousness as a matrix consisting of these 7 Embodiments.  These 7 Feminine archetypes each represent an aspect of our Feminine Soul, each with their own specific Universal qualities, gifts, Super-Powers, chakras,  sound code and mantra.   This is the foundation of  Conscious Feminine Medicine, which contain the inherent gifts we have forgotten.  Come reclaim your Feminine Soul through the 7 Embodiments and understand the Feminine through your personal embodiment of Her.
You already have these qualities… let’s open them up within you!  You are the MEDICINE – Medicine Woman, You are the LOVE -Cosmic Womb Mother, You are the Co-Creatrix- Feminine Creatrix,  You are the TRUTH – Wild Woman, You are the WISDOM- Dark Mother, You are the SEER – Feminine Wisdom Keepers, You are the JOY – Ecstatic Feminine Essence.




You are the WISDOM,

You are the CO-CREATRIX,

You are the MEDICINE,

You are the LOVE,

You are the TRUTH,

You are the SEER,

You are the JOY!



Reclaim 7 Embodiments of Your Feminine Soul Series

Sunday – 1 day Retreat: Once a month we explore one of the Feminine Embodiments through Breathwork, Meditation, Feminine Spirituality, Voice, Drumming, Mantras, Movement and Soul Healing transformational processes.  These are the dates for each retreat: 


04.25.21- Medicine Woman


Dive in and reclaim your Medicine… access the Healing on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat


05.16.21- Dark Mother


Dive in and reclaim the Dark Mother … access the transformation

and spiritual alchemy on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat



06.13.21Feminine Creatrix


Dive in and reclaim your power to Create… access the power of creativity

& manifestation on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat


07.11.21- Cosmic Womb Mother


Dive in and reclaim the LOVE… access the compassion, safety &

unconditional Love on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat


08.08.21- Wild Woman  


Dive in and reclaim your Voice… access the TRUTH on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat


09.12.21- Feminine Wisdom Keeper


Dive in and reclaim your Body’s Wisdom… access the Wisdom on all levels. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.

Feminine Soul Retreat


10.10.21- Ecstatic Feminine Essence


Dive in and reclaim your JOY… your bliss… access and orient from Joy in your body. 

Sustainable Cost: $99.00. $55.00-$139.00 options.


Feminine Soul Retreat



CFM Feminine Soul Retreats Registration Info 

You can purchase the full series of 7 retreats, on each month… or you can purchase each retreat separately. If you need to adjust the price for individual retreats, you may do so below on the drop down menu.


Paying Options

What is a CFM 1 day ONLINE Retreat???


Curious as to what is a CFM- 1 day ONLINE retreat is?

~Imagine… taking the day off… in the comfort of your home… while you engage in self reflection… embodied breath practices… journaling and contemplation with yourself and others.

~At specific times of the day… we meet via video streaming… in the safety of our online circle, to explore, share and dive deeper into our hearts and souls.

~We will have the space and time to go within, to quiet our minds, to meditate, and to listen to the wisdom of our being with the support of the group. We will join in group healing processes and principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine. We will dive into embodied breath practices and movement, heart inquiry, ancient wisdom traditions, deep soul transformation, chakras… meridians and acupuncture principles, weaved through the Divine Feminine teachings.

~This is a day retreat… from your own home, beginning at 9:30 am… meeting again several times during the day… and ending with our last group gathering at 5:30am… the next morning. In between, there is reflection practices, journaling and relaxing… just a day for self transformation, nourishment and reflection.

CFM 1 Day Retreat Details & Questions

Meeting Times


Please be aware that schedule below may alter from retreat to retreat.  Nonetheless, below is the basic schedule for all our retreats, if there are any changes participants would be notified upon registration. 


~9:30am-11:00am Morning Opening– invocation… creating sacred space… orientation for the day… intentions… connecting group heart and each other, initial embodied somatic activation practice, heart and soul inquiry.

~12:30pm-2:00pm Afternoon Session – CFM teachings, embodied practices and group soul healing processes.

~3:00pm- 5:00pm Evening Session- CFM embodied practices,Heart Guidance Q & A, reflections & contemplation.

~7:00pm-8:00pm Night Gathering – Evening prayers, chanting, soul work.

~5:30am-6:30am Morning Practice- Morning practice and reflections before we say our good byes.

Embodiment Practices

Healing and reflective practices all led by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna. Online Retreat will include but not limited to; CFM Embodied Presence somatic practices, including voice, drumming, mantras, breath work and teachings on Feminine Spirituality.  Other practices may be included such as Integrative group needleless NSEVacupuncture, group soul healing, sharing, journaling practices, self-reflection exercises, CFM activations, Sufi prayers, and other cultivation transformational practices.


What do I do on the breaks?

Participants are encouraged to stay as inwardly focused as possible and in silence as much as possible during the break times of the retreat. You are in a container of transformation, and the more you allow space for the transformation, the more you will be transformed.  It is an opportunity to tune in and allow the explorations and epiphanies, as well as the emotions that might be arising, to be explored and processed.  There are also reflective practices given to contemplate during the ‘break’ times that deepen the process. However, if you find that it is necessary to engage in outer activities and responsibilities, try to do it in a way that you are able to still connect with your open heart. Some of the activities we recommend during the break times of the online retreat are:

  • Journaling
  • Exploring and feeling emotions and conditioning patterns.
  • Meditating
  • Movement & Breath practices
  • Nurturing bath
  • Walking
  • Painting or any creative process
  • Nap
  • Being in nature

Can I miss any of the sessions?

Participants are encouraged to participate in all the retreat sessions, however if there is one or maybe even two sessions that you have to miss, you may still participate in the retreat.  More than two sessions we would recommend that you do not book yourself for this retreat, and find a time when you can dedicate yourself without interruptions.  If you do have to miss a session, we recommend that you do not miss the first session of the gathering, because this is the time to set the group intention and create the container for the work that we will be doing, plus it offers detailed information about the flow of the day. We highly recommend you attend all the sessions, if possible, there will not be any recordings available for the retreat sessions missed. 

Pay by the Heart

Pay by the Heart programs… means that you are able to set your own price for the retreat within a range… a price that is sustainable for us… and yet affordable for you.
$55.00-139.00 for the day retreat is the range in order to be sustainable for us and allow us to continue to offer these retreats. You can choose any amount in between. $139.00 allows us to sponsor others that cannot pay as much, and $99 is a sustainable price for us, however, if you can’t afford that price, you are free to contribute the amount that you can at this time.  Secondly, if you can not afford our minimum of $55.00 then don’t despair, please pay what you can. I rather you come with an open heart, regardless of what your financial condition is at this time.  We do ask that you to consider coming as close to the minimum contribution of $55.00 as possible.
I would like to mention that my experience is that these types of retreats usually runs anywhere between $50-249.00.  I say this so that there is a reference point in understanding the value of what you are receiving. As in most of these types of transformative experiences, the truth is that it is the gift that keeps giving, creating deep transformative shifts in your being, that may last a lifetime, and could never be measured monetarily.  Therefore, choose from your heart… your heart knows! 

CFM Feminine Soul Retreats Registration Info 

You can purchase the full series of 7 retreats, on each month… or you can purchase each retreat separately. If you need to adjust the price for individual retreats, you may do so below on the drop down menu.


Paying Options

As I sit in contemplation,
I travel into the Gates of the Unknown.
Inquisitvely, I explore the prohibitive dark path of the Hidden.
I stumble upon the Light of my existence.
Here, I enter the Womb of Dissolution and find the birth place of Separation.
I enter cautiously and I am pleasantly greeted by the
Queendom of Heaven, within.
I find the light of my existence dissolving into the
Ocean of Pre-existence.
Here, my Soul rests, expands and renews and there is No-Separation.
My Soul is Her Soul,
where manifested consciousness merges with unmanifested consciousness.
I have been absorbed into the Essence of my Being, becoming No-Thing.
I rest, I expand and I dissolve and there is No-I.
Then it is time and She returns me…
Breathing through me the lost wisdom of Her Mystery.

~Leonor Murciano-Luna




A taste of the Retreat...

Here is what one participant said about our week long retreat… 


Paying Options