Fertility Wisdom IVF- Birthing Love Essentials Ebook & Downloadable meditations. - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Fertility Wisdom IVF- Birthing Love Essentials Ebook & Downloadable meditations.


This is the foundation of our program, a welcoming E-book detailing our complete program and how to use our program. This E-Book will detail the principles of Quantum science and our energetic subtle body’s interrelationship with our physical body, our 4 essential paradigms of Birthing Love, as well as the corresponding (4) Transforming meditations, Cultivation Awareness’s, Reflection Practices & Visualizations for each stage of you IVF process. It will allow you to transform negative stress and empower yourself by understanding the subtle bodies, how they influence your physical body and how to create health and healing by applying the tools we are sharing with you. These foundations of Quantum science incorporated into Quantum Medicine have effectively healed and transformed the lives of hundreds of women and now it is your turn to experience empowerment and healing in your journey through your fertility challenges.

You will also receive six weeks of email support from Dr. Murciano.

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Do you want to improve conception rates by lowering your stress during your IVF cycle? Studies show conception rates increase when patients submit to a stress reduction program. This home program will allow you to do just that, increase your possibility of conceiving through lowering your stress, inducing hormonal balance in the brain and body, help transform challenging emotions and empower you during this challenging time.

Fertility Wisdom IVF

This is an on-line course based on Quantum medicine & Traditional wisdom is designed to support your body and mind during the 4- 6 weeks of your IVF protocol. It is common for an IVF cycle to induce many unwanted feelings and emotions, as well as stressors during its cycle causing excess anxiety, nervousness, feelings of vulnerability, loss of control, lack of direction, as well as the day to day reality of not knowing what will happen next.

Your body and mind are put through an enormous amount of change in a few weeks, leaving you feeling helpless, disoriented and sometimes exhausted. Many patients complain about the intensity of these feelings and thoughts, which of course do not contribute to an easy process. Moments of helplessness; fear of disappointment and failure can creep in and cause even more stress. If we are able to have a coach with us, receiving guidance and support for our minds, and help us make sense of what we are experiencing, giving us emotional and mental support while transforming our fears and worries into strength and direction, then we are able to move through this vulnerable and challenging stage of our lives with less stress and more ease, benefiting our end result of creating life.

This program is designed to help you navigate the challenging emotions and thoughts that seem to surface and over power you at this time, helping you feel prepared and guiding you into reconnection with your deepest purpose of becoming a mother; the unconditional love you carry within. Through principles of Quantum Science, it will begin to transform the thoughts, feelings and even unconscious attitudes that we carry in our subtle bodies that many times affect our health, healing and wellness in the physical body.

These unconscious feelings may creep up when we have had prior disappointments and now our body/mind is anticipating the fear of the disappointment happening again, or perhaps we feel hopeless and are projecting that hopelessness into your upcoming IVF process. There are many reasons why your thoughts, feelings and perceptions behave the way they do, and this program is designed to transform the limiting conditioning (feelings, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs) and empower you with your own strengths. It is a companion to guide you through your IVF process with ease and strength, instead of being ruled by anxiety and doubts.

What you will receive

The Birthing Love Essentials will provide you with:

  • Fertility Wisdom IVF “Birthing Love” online program in a downloadable e-book format.
  • Six Weeks of FREE email support with Dr. Murciano.
  • 4 downloadable audio meditations for each stage of your IVF process.