Lunar Feminine Medicine - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Every month, there is a portal opening of the Lunar Gateway… in which the UNIVERSE offers us an opportunity, the few days just before the NEW MOON… it is a time of rebirth and renewal… but also a time of death.   We have have an opportunity to let go… to release consciously what no longer serves us.  In our society, we have lost our connection with the transformational alchemical powers of the Great Mother… and many times we fear death and darkness.  Yet in the darkness is really where all possibilities are born from… and we cannot birth something into existence… until we have made room by releasing and dying to the old.


During this evening… we will focus on releasing, dissolving and preparing for the rebirth manifestation on the New Moon.  During this portal we have the opportunity to purify our being… our minds… our emotions, our heart and our soul…. letting go and releasing the veils that stand between direct experience with the Divine. 


During this Lunar gateway Retreat, we will focus on the monthly theme of the New Moon astrological sign and the wisdom it is bringing in for us to embody. Naturally, we will also have an opportunity to clear conditioning, emotions and wounding of the past.    For some, it is also an opportunity to clear the Ancestral and personal wounding that we, as women have inherited. This wounding has been passed on unconsciously through generations of women that have come before us… and at this time of the Golden age, we are here to consciously heal these wounds and step into our Sovereignty and Sacred Power. This is something that our ancestors have known for many lives… and we have unconsciously come to incarnate at this time, when it is possible to awaken to the magnificence power of our divinity. 


We will meet for 90 min., days will vary… depending on when the New Moon is occurring   We will meet at 8:00pm est and dive into a sacred embodied experience of the Lunar Gateway.  Through sacred invocation,  intentions, direct transmission,  chants and transformational healing we will clear the old and make space for the new… as we recalibrate our rhythm to cycle with the moon!




Lunar Feminine Medicine Feminine

monthly retreat 



Retreat Dates 2021

Jan. 11th 2021 ( MONDAY) (Preceding the New MOON in Capricorn -01/12/21 9:00pm est)

Feb. 10th, 2021 (WEDNESDAY) (Preceding the New MOON in Aquarius 02/11/21 11:06am est)

Mar. 12th, 2021 (WEDNESDAY) (Preceding the New MOON in Pisces 03/13/21 2:21am est)

April. 11th, 2021 (SUNDAY) (Preceding the New MOON in Aries 04/11/21 10:32pm est)

May 10th, 2021 (MONDAY) (Preceding the New MOON in TAURUS 05/11/21 7:48pm est)





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