CF MEDICINE WOMAN Initiation Healership 1 - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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CF MEDICINE WOMAN Initiation Healership 1


If you are you a Woman, feeling the rise of the FEMININE IMPULSE within... this is for You! This is a call for ALL WOMEN that are yearning for Spiritual Awakening through the Feminine Mystical Path of Conscious Feminine Medicine, ready to develop your Spiritual Gifts... and Spiritual Mastery. You are a Mystic and a Healer. As a Woman... you innately carry the Medicine within and you haven't been taught that. Here, you can learn to access your primordial Light, through the ancient mystical teachings of the Feminine. Learn to develop your Mystical Self for yourself and help other women to do the same... in order to heal, empower and truly walk in your TRUTH!

CF Medicine Woman Initiation Healership 1


Nov. 2020- July 2021

Feminine Mysticism, Healing, Embodiment & Empowerment

Here is your opportunity to transform your whole life… immerse yourself in the secrets of Healing, Liberation, through the Mysticism of FEMININE EMBODIMENT.


You are the Medicine…

Fully step into your uniqueness and unfold the gifts you have in your SOUL! We are living in a world that is transforming as we speak… and every woman that has felt different, that has felt that she didn’t belong… that has felt somewhat unique and out of place… has been by design… because that very DIFFERENCE is exactly what is needed to heal ourselves…. and our world at this evolutionary time. The world is waiting for your UNIQUE HEALING GIFTS… that you carry in your Soul IMPRINT. Are you ready to listen to step into the TRUTH of your LIGHT and bring your healing gifts to the world?

Now accepting applications for our
Conscious Feminine Program


The CFM Certification Healership programs are based on the principles of ‘Conscious Feminine Medicine’ which is a unique Universal Feminine Matrix Healing system synthesizing the lost teachings of FEMININE WISDOM, ancient mystical healing traditions including pre-Daoist, Vedic, Sufi  & WU Healers Moon lineage,  along with principles of Quantum medicine.  

This it the first Medicine Woman certification program EVER… that is truly a return to the Feminine Wisdom ways…

within the evolution of Consciousness !

Join us in our second annual program of CFM Healership 1 -Medicine Woman Certification. 

CF Medicine Woman Initiation Healership-1 certification program

  • Discover how to embody and live the true expression of your UNIQUE Soul’s LIGHT & Destiny Imprint – which is connected with your life’s purpose.
  • Clarify your greater purpose and how to move forward bringing your Healing gifts into the world stage.
  • Activate You subtle bodies and Inner Healing Medicine.
  • Learn to consciously manifest from your Feminine Essence… in alignment with your Soul’s desire.
  • Stop the insanity of the inner judge, critic, shaming, rejection, inadequacy and rejection conditioning patterns of survival.
  • Activate You Inner Sovereignty and Wisdom.
  • Explore the Inner Secrets of the Feminine, and learn how to tap into your Essence… Soul… and Secret. 
  • Unravel the conditioning patterns in your BODY~HEART~SOUL that have kept you in struggle, unhappy and powerless in manifesting your greatest dream. 
  • Breakthrough the pattern of giving up on your dreams.
  • Experience how to stay connected to your Feminine Wisdom & Knowing all the time…
  • Discover the 3 Key Wounds of the Feminine… and how to heal them in yourself and others.
  • Learn the cultivating and Healing Practices of the Feminine, that have been lost for thousands of years.
  • Learn to bring others into stillness… and cultivate the soul dimension in their being.
  • Discover the three principles of Feminine Healing; Awareness Consciousness, Spiritual Transformational Alchemy & Visceral Embodiment.
  • Explore the 6 faces of the Feminine Matrix; Feminine Wisdom Keepers, Medicine Woman, Dark Mother, Ecstatic Feminine Essence, Cosmic Womb Mother & the Creatrix Feminine and how to work with these fields of Consciousness in your being.
  • Explore the Universal Mothers and how to activate them in your body!

Conscious Feminine Medicine Woman – Healership Programs consists of three consecutive levels, however you are not obligated to take all three… you make the decision to continue each year.


  • CF Medicine Woman Initiation Healership 1 certification – 9 month online immersion program. Focus is on healing our personal & collective wounds of the Feminine, developing our spiritual gifts & awakening to greater levels of consciousness, and while exploring the CFM sacred embodiment healing practices and cultivation.
  • CF Medicine Woman Embodiment Healership 2 certification – 9 month online immersion program that is only open to those that have completed CFM Healership 1. Focus is on Feminine spiritual transformational alchemy & embodiment, developing our spiritual gifts, Self realization and Awakening to greater levels of Spiritual & Feminine Healership embodiment through the application of CFM sacred embodiment healing practices and cultivation, while continuing to heal personal and collective patterns of Feminine wounding.
  • CF Medicine Woman Mastery Healership 3 certification – 9 month online immersion program, only open to those that have completed CFM Healership 1 & 2. Focus is on Mastery of our Feminine Healership & Spiritual Mastery & Cultivation of your specific Healing Medicine, through CFM sacred embodiment healing practices and cultivations.
  • Costs range from $2220.00- $5551.00 with varying programs including individual healing sessions, group transformation sessions and group teachings.  Monthly payments are available for all programs and the best fit will be discussed once you contact us regarding program interest. 

This is the time of the Great Awakening…

Enter into 9 months of transformation, healing  & purification…

and watch the Birth of your True Soul Light!

Are you ready to Be the Healer…

that you have always known yourself to be…

giving expression and voice to the FEMININE

 through your Sacred Vessel…


anchoring the evolutionary frequencies of

awakening on the PLANET?

You are the One we have been waiting for!

Conscious Feminine Medicine Woman Initiation- Healership-1 Program 2020-2021 is available in two options:  

Option 1
  • 3 Online Spiritual Teaching & Group Healing & Cultivation practices per month, 27 total,  beginning 11.11.20.  All sessions are recorded. Participants will learn and practice all CFM teachings and embodied practices during this time. Question and Answer sessions will be included as well.
  • 3 Personal Healing Sessions with Dr. Murciano, through the duration of the 9 month program. Additional sessions are available at a discounted price.
  • Costs range from $2220.00- $2990.00 variations for early bird pricing.  Monthly payment programs are available for all programs.
Option 2
  • 3 (90) min. LIVE Online Spiritual Teachings & Group Healing & Cultivation practices per month, 27 total,  beginning 11.11.20.  All sessions are recorded. Participants will learn and practice all CFM teachings and embodied practices during this time. Question and Answer sessions will be included as well.
  • 3 (90) Personal Feminine Healing Sessions with Dr. Murciano, through the duration of the 9 month program. Additional sessions are available at a discounted price.
  • *** In addition to above program: 3 (120) Group Deep Dive Sessions every month,  in our Healing the Healers monthly group, 27 sessions in all. These deep dives offer participants an opportunity to deeply be immersed in the embodied transformational practices of CFM and work on themselves, within a group setting. This is an excellent option to deeply integrate and transform personally and as a professional Healer.
  • Costs range from $3490.00- $4220.00 variations for early bird pricing.  Monthly payment programs are available for all programs.


*** Number of participants is limited in both programs. If interested please fill out application, and you will then have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Murciano, and discuss which is the best opportunity for you.

Now accepting applications for our
Conscious Feminine Program

About Dr. Murciano


Dr. Leonor Murciano is a Spiritual Healer, Visionary Mystic, Holistic Doctor & Author of several books, including her latest; Birth of the Conscious Feminine: ~a new era of Feminine Sovereignty.  She is the founder of School of Conscious Feminine Medicine and has spent her life helping women to awaken to the real medicine of the soul by reconnecting with the secret of their Feminine Essence.  


After recovering her lost memory of a near death experience, Dr. Leonor Murciano realized that the Divine all encompassing love that she experienced, is available right here, right now, within us, and it is also the source of all Healing.  She has dedicated her life to helping women step into the truth of their being, heal their disconnect in body/spirit and also actualize their healing gifts through the teachings of Conscious Feminine Medicine.


As the founder of School of Conscious Feminine Medicine, she offers programs for women, healers and leaders that are ready to step into the new UNVERSAL FEMININE MATRIX and collectively create a new consciousness paradigm of UNITY consciousness within themselves and the planet. She offers programs for Conscious Feminine Mastery, Conscious Feminine Healership Certification and Feminine Mystical Guides all based on the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine.


‘Conscious Feminine Medicine’, is a unique UNIVERSAL FEMININE MATRIX Mystical Path of Self Realization & Healing; including lost teachings of FEMININE WISDOM, ancient mystical healing teachings of traditions of Daoist, Vedic & Sufi lineages, along with Quantum medicine principles, which offers women and healers the tools to breakthrough the patterns of Feminine struggle, reconnect with Essential Divine UNION and become the perfected human being-Sophiatic Cristos of our time. Dr. Murciano is also the founder of Nourishing Women center specializing in Women’s healthcare and wellness.


If you are ready to step into your Feminine Healership Power and manifest your Destiny … start by booking a Feminine Exploration Session with  Dr. L. Murciano, to begin an exploration of what is possible for you and inquire about the programs.

Dr. Murciano’s latest book,



The Conscious Feminine Programs are based on Dr. Murciano’s latest book, Birth of the Conscious Feminine.

The teachings will incorporate core elements of the chapters summarized below.



The Collective Story of the Feminine


  • A New Story of the Feminine
  • A New Reality Emerges.
  • From where we stand- Its half the Story.
  • Collective Story of the Feminine.
  • Healing and the Evolution of the Feminine.


Birth of Conscious Feminine Medicine ~changing the collective story of the Feminine introduces the notion that our world and especially women have been under the spell that has lasted over 5000 years, which at its very core has disconnected us from our sacred Essence of the Feminine. This rejection of the Feminine has created an illusion of fear, shame and powerlessness that continues to disrupt not only our spirit but also our bodies. This is the old collective story of the Feminine and the time has come for the creation of a new story of the Feminine, through the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine ~changing the collective story of the Feminine.


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Chapter 2:

Anthropos- Becoming the Perfected Human Being


  • 13 Pillars of conscious Feminine Medicine
  • What are the Feminine & the Masculine?
  • Sophiatic Christos: Marriage of Duality
  • Consciousness source of all Gnosis
  • Radical Acceptance? Forgiveness?
  • Presence through Conscious Meditation & Contemplation


The perfected human being is common amongst most mystical paths, and it is the flowering union of the inner duality of feminine and masculine within us. It is the representation of the inner marriage and the longing in our soul. Understanding the union within helps us to begin the inner process of embodying the qualities and understanding that we have everything we need on the inner through this very union ~body and soul, feminine and masculine, physical and spiritual. One without the other continues to perpetuate the suffering in our being and in our bodies. Understanding how to answer the yearning in our hearts and fulfill ourselves through union is the first step in healing our history and our soul.


Chapter 3:

Our Body Temple of Wisdom


  • VISCERAL Embodiment
  • The Medicine of Consciousness
  • Interplay of Subtle Bodies
  • Calcified Manifestations of Energy Fields
  • The Truth about our DNA
  • Spiritual Alchemy
  • Embodiment of our Essence Via GATE Centers
  • Changing the Story via Resonance/Frequency and Vibration.
  • Non Somatic Fields of Consciousness- Non Somatic Extra Vessels


It’s important to honor the unseen as much as the seen. Most of us have a limited view of who we are, usually restricted to only the physical body that we see. Understanding who we truly are and the role consciousness plays is key in shifting our illusory perceptions of self and transforming the old patterns of oppression. Dr. Murciano unravels the Quantum concept of consciousness in relation to our subtle bodies, morphogenetic fields, patterns of conditioning and spiritual alchemy to expand the awareness and understanding of what and who we really are. At the core, even our DNA can be altered through the vibration and frequencies that we choose for ourselves. This chapter starts to empower us by the expansion of a new understanding of who we are and the interrelationships of consciousness and form.


Chapter 4:

Woman As Healers -We are the Medicine


  • Women as the first healers & drummers
  • Restoring our Rhythm
  • Embodiment of 5 elements of the Feminine
  • Reclaiming the 5 Universal Mothers
    • Cosmic Womb
    • Earth Mother
    • Dark MOON
    • Sacred Womb
    • Ocean of Love
  • Sacred Initiations of the Feminine- WOUND AS DOORWAY
  • Sacred Witnessing & Embodiment PROCESS
  • Wu Dark MOON Lineage & Cultivation


Women carry the healing within their being, through their direct access to the Feminine within. But as previous chapters show, women have been disconnected from their own Essence and rhythm. Beginning the process of healing this split that seems so uncompromising starts with recalibrating our being and bodies to the inner and outer cycles of the Feminine by embodying the 5 elements of the Feminine and reclaiming union with the 5 Mothers. Using the collective wounds of the Feminine as our opening into the forces of the MOTHER begins to awaken the life force within our being, restoring the foundation of the Feminine within us.


Chapter 5:

Awakening to our ESSENCE


  • Consciousness is our Essence- Enlightment is not a destination.
  • Initiation of our Conscious Feminine Light
    1. Remembrance- remembering our forgotten
    2. Sufi Light Invocations
    3. Qualities and Frequencies of Light
    4. Anointing ritual, activation of Morphogenetic fields via Power Centers
    5. Conscious Feminine alchemy via breath & Sound


Once established in a new reality of the Feminine and with new possibilities, we come to our first initiation of the Feminine, Conscious Feminine Light allowing us to anchor in our sacred essence of light within. Through a synergy of contemplation and cultivation practices we begin the rewiring of our being and our knowing through Sufi Light Invocations, and Anointing rituals with the frequencies of essential oils. Furthermore, we continue the exploration of Conscious Feminine alchemy through ancient healing rituals of breath, sound and realignment with the perfected state of morphogenetic fields. From this point forward, the information in these chapters are not only theoretical but also offer practical protocols as to how to access these processes on your own and create a new reality.


Chapter 6:

Initiation of CONSCIOUS FEMININE Sacred Power


  • Transforming the Shadow of Powerlessness
  • Powerlessness & our DNA
  • Sacred Power in the Feminine
  • 7 Year Cycles of Conditioning
  • Solar Plexus- Reflection of the Mirror
  • Projections of Powerlessness
  • Initiation of Conscious Feminine Sacred Power
    1. Contemplation with words
    2. Psycho-Spiritual alchemy
    3. Sacred Witnessing with Art
    4. Abdominal Circular Massage
    5. NSEV Yin Wei /Dai Vessel Treatment
    6. Conscious Meditation- Activating Sacred Power Center


The second initiation of Conscious Feminine Sacred Power is where we begin to work with the collective and personal shadow wound of the Feminine: powerlessness. The collective oppression of the Feminine has created deep conditioning patterns that have stripped away our sense of power by demanding women to surrender to false power outside themselves in order to survive. As we transform the wound of powerlessness we initiate the freedom and safety within and activate our sacred power. Through Sacred Witnessing, exploration of extra vessels and other cultivation practices, we begin to regain the true power that has been hidden in this wound of the Feminine.


Chapter 7:


  • Reclaiming our Virginity
  • Transforming the Shadow of Shame
  • Life force and Sacred Sexuality
  • Pleasure principle.
  • Resurrecting the power in our Sacral Wombs.
    1. Spiritual Alchemy of Shame
    2. NSEV Ren Vessel
    3. Activation of Life Force & Pleasure
    4. Conscious Meditation- Activation of Sacral Womb Heart
    5. Dark Moon Cultivation


The third initiation –Conscious Feminine Body moves us into the collective wound of shame in our sacral power center and our personal womb. This is the place where most women have rejected their own sexuality and life force, living with endless patterns of shame in themselves and destructive pervasive hatred of their own feminine bodies.   Reclaiming our Virginity is all about recognizing the purity of our sacred Essence and reclaiming our physical form (body) as an extension of that sacredness, making our flesh holy as well. Our virginity is not something that we can lose depending on our behavior or the condemnation from outside sources, as religious reform has had us believe.


This sacred Essence moves through us as life force which is at the core of all creation, and which we also experience as sexuality; all part of the same sacredness with no original sin. Reclaiming our virginity is what gives birth to all the possibilities of life’s manifestation deep in our sacral wombs. The initiation of our Conscious Feminine Body frees us from self deprecating shame, that has kept us locked into suffering and allows our sacred life force, sexuality and pleasure principle to become the guiding force of aliveness within.


Chapter 8:

Initiation of CONSCIOUS FEMININE Cosmic Womb


  • Facing our Darkness
  • Illusion of Separation & the shadow of Abandonment
  • Death as the cycle of Life
  • Surrender into CONSCIOUS FEMININE Cosmic Womb
  • Rewiring Trust in our Body.
  • Initiation – CONSCIOUS FEMININE Cosmic WOMB
    1. Contemplation of Annihilation
    2. NSEV Chong Vessel
    3. Conscious Feminine Activation Blood Body Restoration
    4. Rooting with Mother Earth


The illusion of separation from Source is one of the greatest wounds and deepest source of fear and terror that women carry in their being. The 4th Initiation of the Conscious Feminine Cosmic Womb allows us to transmute the shadow of abandonment, terror and fear of separation, allowing us to dive deeply into the darkness of the Cosmic Womb of the Mother, where we heal the illusion of separation and rewire our deep trust and protection with all aspects of the MOTHER and the Feminine. By facing our deepest darkness, we are able to completely surrender all illusions and allow the experience of our suffering to serve as the initiation into the deepest mystery of the Feminine herself.


Chapter 9:



  • Sophiatic Christos Revisited
  • Transcendence of Duality into Unity consciousness.
  • Mirror our Being
  • Unwinding the Rage of Herstory
  • Embodying the Beloved Within
  • Entering the Trinity
    1. Facing our inner feminine and masculine.
    2. NSEV Yang & Yin Wei; Ren & Du.
    3. Sacred Witnessing Cultivation practice with Manifesto
    4. Activating our Inner Union of Feminine & Masculine


This chapter will revisit our initial theme of Union on our journey towards the perfected human being. Now that readers have more insight and awareness of their inner world, we present the varying factors of reuniting the masculine and feminine within, thus creating the ultimate marriage of dualities and the 5th Initiation of Conscious Feminine Union. We visit the place in consciousness where the two become one. It is possible to taste this union and discover the sweet secret that has been buried in our being, since the beginning of time. The Sufi’s have a saying that suggests that the greatest treasure of all was hidden in the less likely place that humanity would look: in our own hearts. From this state of union, we continue the Conscious Feminine alchemy of transcendence as we unite seemingly opposites paradigms on the inner and outer levels.


Chapter 10:

Birthing a New Collective Story


  • What does our ongoing journey of Conscious awakening look like?
  • We are the medicine- Sacred spiritual Message
  • Continuing to feed our light, nourishment for our Soul.
  • Reactions as a sign of our souls growth.
  • Keys to Realization.
  • Continuing To expand our definition of who we are.
  • Wisdom is always available.
  • Paths of the Ancient Feminine Mystics.
  • What’s possible: Transformational stories of real women.


Now that we have walked through the Initiations of the Conscious Feminine and loosened the collective wounds within ourselves, how do we integrate it in a world that seemingly does not honor or make room for the sacred? The answer is simple, yet challenging. We become the keepers of the light by stepping into our conscious awareness of the truth of who we are and commit to the remembrance of that in ourselves. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “ become the change you want to see in the world” and so it is our inner work of transformation that creates the possibility of the resurrecting the sacred Feminine within ourselves and into our world.


By our presence of the Conscious Feminine within each woman, we begin a wave of consciousness that continues to inform the creation of form on the outer and thus our world. If the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, as so many mystical teachings have pointed to, then the only real work is within our own consciousness. This chapter details how critical and valid the awakening of just one person is to the whole and how live consciously present of the truth, until the outer world catches up to us. We are the healers, we are the MEDICINE, and we are the agents of change. This chapter gives us the possibility of what the journey of awakening looks like and how the alchemy of the soul continues onto the personality and further into higher and higher levels of awakening.


The evolution never stops, but what does change is the powerlessness and fear that has been informing us all along, because once we awaken to its illusory nature and stand in our Sacred Power, we no longer can be a victim. Life itself wakes up within us, and the journey is never the same. We are able to return to the sacred place of LOVE, POWER and WISDOM within, even when we drift away because now the Feminine is conscious in your body, heart and soul. We are able to continue to cultivate the Conscious Feminine Union within until it overrides all the old paradigms of fear that were once our reality. Thus, the mystery of the Feminine is now woven into our consciousness, reflecting our inner world onto our outer world. The result? Women initiating the change of the collective story of the Feminine, from one of oppression and suffering to one of empowerment in our Sacredness! As the Dali Lama stated; the western woman will save the WORLD.

Now accepting applications for our
Conscious Feminine Program