CFM Women's Health Series - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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CFM Women’s Health Series


redmotherConscious Feminine Medicine™ WOMENs HEALTH series

Conscious Feminine Medicine™ WOMEN’S HEALTH Series offers WOMEN options to transform their body, heart and soul and end the cycle of suffering in their bodies. Conscious Feminine Medicine combines the knowledge of Quantum Integrative Medicine, along with ancient healing medicine of Daoist, Vedic and Sufism in order to reconnect you with the SACRED ESSENCE of your being and the divine light that is carried in your FEMININE SOUL.

This 3 hour LIVE WEBCAST program with Dr. Murciano will offer deep knowledge of the body & soul connection that is helpful in assisting the healing process of the particular topic, through active practices and group healing.   Workshop will be a combination of sound healing and toning, breath work, Conscious Meditation, Sacred Witnessing, Essential oil therapy, spiritual counseling, ritual, shadow work, working with our subtle and physical body, and more.

You choose to participate on just one class or if it resonates with you,  or if you are a health professional you can email me,, to register for all 5.

Cost per Class is $45.00 each. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED.

Series cost at $199.00 for all 5.

Time: Sunday mornings 10:00am est- 1:00pm est.


11.20.16 Transforming your Reproductive  System & WOMB



12.11.16 Transforming your Thyroid, Expression & Truth



01.22.16 Transforming your Auto-Immune, GUT  & Worthiness



02.19.16 Transforming your Anxiety & Dissolving Fear



03.12.16 Transforming your Depression & Powerlessness