Conscious Feminine Global community
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Conscious Feminine Medicine Women

Conscious Feminine Medicine Women

~changing the collective of the Feminine

circle membership begins Fall 2019


An Online Community Platform for Women to Gather... Heal... Awaken... & Embody... our Divine Light Signature of the Feminine !

the Evolution of your Feminine Soul… 


~a place, online, where we can come together as women, share our story, heal our hearts and together redefine our personal purpose of being a woman in this great time of the awakening of the Feminine.  When we come together, creating sister hood, we can move out of our personal isolation, healing old patterns of despair, hopelessness and defeat while embodying the energetic field of light and great spirit of the Feminine within. Through the weekly gatherings, we embark on a transformational journey of the evolution of our Feminine soul, personally and collectively. 


Your Healing Light is Your Medicine…


~We have created a space where we can come together weekly, live online, as we face the  wounds of the Feminine… and transform and transmute the patterns of not feeling safe, not being seen,  unworthiness… and many other patterns of separation within.  Through the Conscious Feminine Medicine teachings and cultivations, we begin to embody the true medicine to heal our hearts and souls… and realize that the true medicine is contained in the secret of our Light. Your are the Medicine!


Returning to the Rhythm of the Moon

Global Wisdom Circle


~Live global wisdom circle every month allows us to connect with women around the world that have already began their intimate Feminine transformation and is anchoring the light of the Feminine on our planet.  They serve to remind us, to awaken us and to empower us to the unique ways in which the Feminine is giving birth to Herself through each one of us!

~The Conscious Feminine is ready to be born through us… be seen, be heard and be present.  Listening to our sister guests allows us to awaken our own gifts within.

Conscious Feminine Medicine Women- members only

Anchoring Your Feminine Light

~We are the ones we have been waiting for.  The changes are to be addressed within us… The Feminine on the planet is being birthed through each one of us. Through these weekly gatherings, teachings, healings and programs, we come together as women, dissolving the old story of pain, isolation and fear… and together create a new story of the Feminine.  This is the story of finding our peace, our truth of Divine Essence within, and living our lives embodying the wholeness that we are. We no longer need to leave out parts of ourselves… in order to fit in.  We are creating a world, within ourselves first, that honors the sacredness of our Feminine nature, and the magic and mystery of Her wisdom. Come join us as we, together, create community and support for each other, resurrecting the lost teachings of the Feminine. 

Conscious Feminine Medicine Women Circle

Once a month we will gather in our online circle via ZOOM… ( recordings always available) and incorporate the following in our monthly transformations.


~Conscious Feminine Wisdom Teachings Integrate the wisdom teachings of  the Conscious Feminine Medicine 13 pillars, based on the 13 lunar cycles and on the 13 wisdom elders.  The Conscious Feminine Medicine 13 pillars give us an opportunity to contemplate our unique and collective experiences as we resurrect the wisdom of the Feminine that has been lost. Some of the 13 pillars are: 1st Pillar- Women as Healers, 2nd Pillar -You are the Medicine, 6th Pillar- Healing the 3 collective wounds of the Feminine, etc… 

~Sacred Initiations of the Feminine Personal Healing   We will explore and activate the Sacred Initiations of the Feminine- as we heal personally our wounds of the past; whether, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These activations may include somatic group healing and other cultivations & meditations to create awareness, transform and embody greater aspects of our True Light & Essence.  

~Conscious Feminine Global Wisdom – On occasion we will invite Special Global guest will share with us their unique Feminine wisdom and inspire us through their own personal experience and sovereignty of their Feminine Soul. Dates will be announced in advance. 

~Conscious Feminine Collective Ancestral Clearings &Healing – On specific occasions we will include specific collective ancestral healing to clear Feminine wounding patterns that we have unconsciously internalized as part of the repression of our Feminine Soul.  As we awaken and embody the Light of the Feminine within us, we also free our ancestors and our lineage from the pain of the past. The 3 collective wounds of the Feminine are; Powerlessness, Shame & Abandonment. 

Dark MOON/ New MOON Online Retreat

~Once a month, one to three nights before the  New moon, we enter into the dissolving transformational time of the month, which is ideal for releasing, dissolving and alchemizing our internalized conditioning patterns.  This is the time of purification, dissolution and death… in order to give birth to something new in your lives.  We will come together, offer prayers… tune into Sufi transformational chants and enter deep into the womb of the Dark Moon Mother… allowing us to dissolve the old patterns of suffering that keep us stuck in pain.  This is the magic and transformation of the Dark Moon Mother. 

Conscious Feminine Wisdom Library

~An ongoing growing library of  Feminine Wisdom in the form of Somatic meditations, healing meditations and Conscious Feminine Activations to heal on all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and most of all to awaken, transform and embody our Feminine Soul !

Conscious Feminine Medicine Woman Circle offers women a space where we can come together in sisterhood, to heal the wounds of the past and co-create the future of ourselves and our families. As women, we are the birthers of the the generations to come... and beginning to honor the sacredness of our Being... is key in the co-creation of our Mother Earth. We all know there is power in numbers, we no longer have to suffer in silence, or be silenced. We each have our own unique divine qualities and the world needs us to seed and birth the Feminine sacredness of life and resurrect the lost wisdom of the Feminine. This is a gathering place where we can mirror the places of strength, courage and beauty... but also feel our places of despair, hopelessness and fear in order to dissolve the pain. Come join us... as we evolve our Feminine Soul... and co-create the New World together.
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 Usher in the Conscious Feminine consciousness !

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