Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing Transmissions - Conscious Feminine Medicine
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Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing Transmissions

Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing Transmissions

A time of Great Awakening…

This is the time of Great Awakening… the time that has been predicted throughout all the ages. Here, as women, we are coming together, and feeling… transforming… and embodying our great Essence. We all need the support, especially during these times… and here, weekly, we will explore new ways in which we can develop a deeper relationship with our Feminine Essence and strengthen our ability to anchor in our Sacredness. These weekly feminine gathering is designed to receive healing transmissions and experience embodied heart and soul centered somatic practices during this time of Great Awakening. All sessions are based on the principles of Conscious Feminine Medicine, and the book “Birth of the Conscious Feminine: new era of  Feminine Sovereignty” by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.  

Saturday mornings 9:30am -10:30am eastern time…

Class is ongoing every month… so you can stay as long as you need to nourish your heart and soul… during these unprecedented times we are living in. But if you cannot make it… don’t worry, all classes are recorded, and you will receive the recordings within 24-48 hours of the scheduled class time.

Pay by the heart-Registration required. Price $15-75 per month, charged automatically every month, program is ongoing until you cancel.

Pay by the Heart programs… means that you are able to set your own price for the retreat within a range… a price that is sustainable for us… and yet affordable for you.
$35.00-75.00 for the month of Conscious Feminine Medicine Healing Transmissions, is the range in order to be sustainable for us and allow us to continue to offer this program. You can choose anywhere in between there… $75.00 for an average 5 classes, monthly is full price and we would appreciate it if you would pay this in order to allow scholarships for those that cannot pay.  However, if you can’t afford that price,  you can consider contributing at our minimum sustainable price of  $55.00 or anywhere in between $35-75.  Secondly, if you can not afford our minimum of $35.00 then don’t despair, you can contribute the amount you can at this time.We do ask that you to consider coming as close to the minimum contribution of $35.00 as possible.
Set your price… and you will automatically be billed every month. SUBSCRIBE BELOW!
If you need to cancel at any time… Unsubscribe below.