Cosncious Feminine Global Membership
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Conscious Feminine Global Initiative

Conscious Feminine Global Initiative Membership

~changing the collective of the Feminine

Offering online support for women that are awakening to the Truth of their Being, and are ready to shine their Light in the world.

Conscious Feminine Global Initiative Membership



  • Conscious Feminine Wisdom Circle – online participation and Conscious Feminine Activation once a month, including Conscious Feminine Teachings of 13 pillars.
  • Dark Moon Luna Activations –  online monthly retreat on the days prior to the New Moon.
  • A vast collection of Conscious Feminine Somatic Meditations and Conscious Feminine Teachings online in our members page.
  • Conscious Feminine Ambassador pre- requisite training for those that wish to act as ambassadors of Light to other women on the planet.
  • Gifting paradigm- our suggested price is a recurring $33.00, but you are free to set your monthly donation price at the price that is in alignment with your circumstance and the value that you are receiving from these offerings.
  • Conscious Feminine Wisdom circle and Dark Moon Luna Activations are facilitated LIVE/online by Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna.
  • Access a library of online somatic meditations and online programs for women to awaken, transform & embody their greatest Light.


Conscious Feminine Wisdom Circles
Dark Moon Luna Activations
Somatic Meditations & Conscious Feminine Teachings

Art of Feminine Somatic Meditation


The art of Feminine Somatic Meditation frees us from the binding noise of the mental plane, our mind, and allows us to awaken to deeper levels of Unitive consciousness within us… the source of all life.   Meditation accesses this field of Unitive Consciousness which in actuality is us; it is our Essential Self, our Soul, our Light.  However, in our Conscious Feminine Meditation we not only experience this Unitive field of Oneness Consciousness... but allow to feel it in our bodies...  let old emotional paradigms dissolve in it… and heal our BODY ~HEART~ MIND. 


Why FEMININE Somatic Meditation? 


Because in the Feminine approach we don’t approach meditation in the masculine tradition of entering into a detached, objective, space of peace where we by pass the subtle fields that we live in… nor our body,  but rather we experience this ultimate Unitive field of Oneness Consciousness as it moves within us… and through our bodies; as the creative… expressive… passionate embodiment that our collective conditioning and limiting egoic separateness  can dissolve in. 


This is the feminine way... merging the higher states of consciousness with our earthy, passionate, sensual body… a true union of heaven and earth. 

If you are ready to meet yourself in this place… let everything else that isn’t YOU dissolve, and discover your true Essence of peace, love, joy, and ecstatic bliss then I invite you to join our LIVE ONLINE Conscious Feminine Wisdom Circles. 

Come allow yourself to be supported as women… while you awakening to your True Essence within, and shift into a whole new paradigm within yourself.

**Warning: The incredible JOY that is felt might be ADDICTIVE… please be warned !!   Somatic Meditation has been proven to shift the bio-chemistry in your body, lower stress, increase health and well-being and even create fulfillment within yourself. 

Conscious Feminine Ambassador
Gifting Paradigm - Pay from your Heart
Conscious Feminine Wisdom Circle Membership
Become a Conscious Feminine Global Member

After your trial membership, you will be billed monthly $33.00 until you decide to cancel. Cancel at any time.