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Consciousness~Spiritual Alchemy~Embodiment

for women.


Dr. Leonor Murciano, PhD, IMD, AP

Doctor of Quantum Integrative Medicine, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Acupuncture Physician, Author.

Founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine, Nourishing Women &

Conscious Feminine School of Wisdom Medicine.

Giving BIRTH to a NEW Collective Story of the Feminine in every WOMAN through

Conscious Feminine Medicine approach to Women’s Health 



Conscious Feminine WOMB UNITY Healing


Conscious Feminine SOUL Immersion.



The vitality of our health and wellbeing is directly related to our embodiment of the Quantum field through our mental, emotional and physical connection.
Conscious Feminine Medicine bridges Medicine and Spirituality by treating disease and disorders manifesting in our bodies by addressing the psycho-spiritual root in the is Quantum field. Thus, bringing harmony between our Quantum essence of source and our physical body, enabling all aspects of our being to heal and experience our greatest potential.

Conscious Feminine Medicine explores the interrelationships that underline and contribute to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the Quantum Approach to Healing. By unveiling and transforming the limiting patterns of constriction in our psyche, we are able to free ourselves from destructive patterns of disharmony and heal body, mind and spirit.

In our Quantum approach to disharmony we offer transformative modalities that address the subtle bodies and energy component of our physical nature. Through body centered explorations, Dr. Murciano creates a personalized program for each person’s healing in person or online. Sessions include Quantum Body Alchemy™, Integrative Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Conscious Meditation™, Sound Healing and personalized Healing Intensives.

Upto 44% of menstruating women live with debilitating PMS (premenstrual symptoms) every month.
Upto 88% of women suffer with pain during their periods (dysmenorrhea); suggesting the profound disconnection from their cyclical nature.
Upto 18% of menstruating women suffer with Endometriosis.
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Quantum Approach to Women’s Health

 Consciousness ~Spiritual Alchemy & Embodiment 

A new way paradigm approach to address women’s disorders & disharmonies by focusing on reestablishing the connection with the unlimited quantum field of life essence. Dr. Murciano offers in person and online sessions.


Transform your complete body & being.

 You can create and live in a new reality.


“Feminine Wisdom: Rise of a New Creation is a gem of a book. Beautifully written and highly practical. This is a manual for tapping into the wonder of our creative feminine essence”.

— Christiane Northrup, M.D. ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers.

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Are you ready for a new reality?

It is time for a new paradigm shift and a new standard of Women’s Healthcare, which can serve to empower women and dissolve the limiting patterns that have plagued feminine culture for thousands of years.